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Cousins' benching not befitting crime?


08:15 AM ET 12.23 | Paul Westphal announced Wednesday that DeMarcus Cousins had been fined and removed from the starting lineup for making a choke sign during a game against Golden State. At the time, the Kings led 98-93, were 19.3 from a victory, with Warriors swingman Reggie Williams at the free throw line. Cousins, who was fined Nov. 12 after clashing with an assistant and team trainer, flashed a grin and placed his right hand around his throat. Williams missed two of his three attempts. ... Westphal's latest disciplinary move seems even more extreme [than a benching last year of Spencer Hawes]. It would have been different if Cousins had flipped somebody off or engaged in similarly offensive behavior.

The Sacramento Bee

DeMarcus Cousins, Getty Images DeMarcus Cousins, Getty Images
December 23, 2010  08:29 AM ET

This dumb_ss punk needs a veteran teammate to educate him on how to be a pro. Coach Calishady sure as hell didn't teach him a darn thing in Lexington.

December 23, 2010  08:31 AM ET

can't say i'm get him a therapist and win some games....

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December 23, 2010  08:52 AM ET

Maybe Cousins should Choke the Coach aka Spewell ..... might do wonders for last place SAC

December 23, 2010  09:16 AM ET

Thug is as thug does

December 23, 2010  09:20 AM ET

Not many interesting posts today...

Top three teams are rolling. Spurs have improved in the middle and their All-Stars have returned to form, playing sublime ball. Every game I have seen them in, they look excellent.

Lakers look pedestrian, the game against the Heat is a good barometer of the team. They seem mentally fatigued. The #1 seed in the West will be an uphill battle which is disappointing. Good for the Spurs for making the deficit so large already.

Heat are pleasantly dangerous and are winning the right way, by playing lockdown defense that maximizes their athleticism.

Celtics are out of their minds.

Demarcus Cousins will probably be "benched" for about...two games.

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December 23, 2010  10:35 AM ET

Thug is as thug does


Would you include Reggie Miller (he of the two-handed choke gesture) in that category?

I mean......Really?

Tell us.....just what EXACTLY has Cousins done to earn the title of....."thug"?

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December 23, 2010  11:18 AM ET

Time to grow up, Bro.

December 23, 2010  11:25 AM ET

Really?Would you include Reggie Miller (he of the two-handed choke gesture) in that category?I mean......Really?Tell us.....just what EXACTLY has Cousins done to earn the title of....."thug"?

Simple, hes young and black. He just doesn't want to come out and say it so as not to be accused of the racist he is.

December 23, 2010  11:49 AM ET

Everyone knew Cousins coming out of H.S. was immature. Everyone knew Cousins coming out of college was immature.

He's a kid, from an area where you talk crap all the time, because that is what rap music tells you to do. Obviously his parents did not offer him much guidance but, "go out there and get paid".

I find it funny that he hired a white kid from Kentucky to help "keep him in mind", only the white kid supports his immature antics and thinks they are cool...

What is this world coming to? And btw, Cousins and his white master/caddy are symbolic of most the minds under 20 years old that now populate this country.

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December 23, 2010  11:12 PM ET

What a young'n, let the fans do the heckling

December 24, 2010  11:21 PM ET

You can take the trash out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the trash.


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