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T-Mac loves the boos, rips Bosh


08:06 AM ET 12.24 | Tracy McGrady, coming off his best performance of the season in Toronto, hasn't lost his edge. McGrady finished with season highs in points (17), assists (seven) and rebounds (seven). The Raptors, and not their fans with long memories, had a lot to do with it. "Keep booing me. I love it. It really doesn't bother me at all," said McGrady, who at one point even talked back at a heckling fan after hitting a shot. "It's not like I was like Chris Bosh and selling out the city like the city was horrible or something, making crazy comments about the city."

Vancouver Sun

Tracy McGrady, Getty Images Tracy McGrady, Getty Images
December 24, 2010  08:34 AM ET

It does not bother him because he is irrrevalent. But good performance though. Now do it again.

December 24, 2010  08:35 AM ET

No Tracy but you did have a baby sitter when you played in Toronto. Couldn't take care of yourself.

December 24, 2010  08:42 AM ET

Dear Spammers if I order online today can I get it in time for Christmas?

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December 24, 2010  08:55 AM ET

Ha!!!!!Excellent postAnd maybe my memory is off, but didn't he force his way out of there too?

I think he left via free agency.....

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December 24, 2010  09:06 AM ET

McGrady...McGrady. Is he still in the league? Why does anybody care?

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December 24, 2010  09:12 AM ET

I think he left via free agency.....

He did leave via free agency, what irked a lot of people up here was that he made a lot of comments about giving Toronto every chance to resign him and other nice things, only to bolt for Orlando as soon as he could without really even giving Toronto a chance to resign him. The GM was dumb enough to believe him instead of trying to trade him and get something back via trade.

December 24, 2010  09:29 AM ET

the knicks didnt even want

December 24, 2010  09:30 AM ET

the knicks didnt even want

or the Clippers

December 24, 2010  09:31 AM ET

Hate to say it but T-Mac is absolutely right on this... and no he didn't force his way out, he outright left and with just reason too, he got punked during his time in Toronto. Toronto got what they deserved when dealing with T-Mac...

Is that the Raptors Management stance?

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December 24, 2010  09:43 AM ET

lol he said he didnt sell out the raptors like rupaul did. luv it

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December 24, 2010  09:55 AM ET

Lmao, season high 17 points huh, sounds like you're really lighting it up T-Mac!

December 24, 2010  09:57 AM ET

It wasn't that he left, it was that he never even gave us a chance to re-sign him after making noise about how the Raptors were in the mix and would have every chance to re-sign him, and then bolted so fast he didn't even clean out his apartment here. I was at an open practice that season and the fans started chanting "Come Back T-Mac!" and even gave him some gift or something from the fans and the organization. Looking back, I remember his face that day ... he had this really awkward smile. He was already gone.

December 24, 2010  10:02 AM ET

McGrady sold out the Toronto Raptor fans years ago. Bosh's actions are unforgettable, McGrady was just a dumb kid looking for money. Visit and read great NBA stories!

December 24, 2010  10:12 AM ET

The most important number for McGrady is 24, as in 24 minutes. This represents his season high and he is starting to get healthy. If this mpg creeps up around 28, Detroit have themselves a fantastic role player at the vet min.

December 24, 2010  10:17 AM ET

It's been a long time since Tracy was still in Toronto. When he left he and his cousin Vince were both in the prime of their lives with their best years ahead of them. Now they are both operating on the fumes of what is left of their career. Enjoy it while you still have it T-Mac.I don't blame Tracy for leaving Toronto. They never let him play much and he had a chance to play in his home home town where he idolized Penny and the Magic growing up. Plus he was going to team with Grant Hill. His leaving Toronto for that situation was a no brainer.

The only thing I begrudged him was that he spent months saying he'd give Toronto a chance to resign him and build with him and Carter, but then bolted at the first chance without giving toronto a chance to resign him. He didn't want to play Pippen to Carter's Jordan, as a few people had visions of back then. I don't blame him for leaving, at least he did it in a better way than Carter left.


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