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Source: Clippers' Davis drawing interest


09:29 AM ET 12.26 | The Los Angeles Clippers have received more phone calls about guard Baron Davis after a Yahoo! Sports story reported owner Donald Sterling has been heckling Davis from his courtside seat, a league source said. While the Bobcats have shown some interest, most inquiring teams are too worried about Davis' hefty contract and injury problems to have substantial talks.

Yahoo! Sports

Baron Davis, Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Baron Davis, Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
December 26, 2010  09:46 AM ET

Yeah...drawing interest off his bank account!

December 26, 2010  09:51 AM ET

Teams can do better then Davis at $13m, $13.9m, and an ETO $14.75m which he will not take.

December 26, 2010  09:57 AM ET

And with Silas the coach for the Bobcats, playing up-tempo, getting players out of Brown's dog house, Tyrus Thomas, D.J. was in & out last season ..... wait and see before you make BAD trades MJ

December 26, 2010  10:19 AM ET

He can win one or 2 games (ask the Spurs) for ya in the playoffs, however the problem is you need to win 4. But he can get you half way there before he needs to rest. This dude is out of shape, and too chunky to run the point.

December 26, 2010  10:59 AM ET

I guess Michael Jordan was serious when he said he wanted to a owner like Mark Cuban. 2 guys that want it all. Just chill MJ, the B-Cats don't need Davis. They can do a lot better. A LOT.

December 26, 2010  11:43 AM ET

they had a lot better in felton, who has been great on the knicks.... and the knicks got him cheap, it was retahded to let felton go....

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December 26, 2010  12:50 PM ET

He USED to be a good ballplayer...idk what happened....shame.

December 26, 2010  01:12 PM ET

Met Barron with our high school team when he was at UCLA... The entire team met our team and talked to them after one of their games. Barran went and sat with buds and never came over even after coach asked him. Teams need to check into history.. I would tell after 5 minutes of watching him that he was moody, self centered. Really i am shocked someone would pay him so much... NBA teams should know more about players before they give huge money.

December 26, 2010  03:08 PM ET

remember Davis got pay that much, cause the Clips thought he was going to be Robin, to FA Batman Elton Brand .... who decide after Davis signed with the Clips to take more money from PHIL ....

and guess what ... DID NOT WORK for either team ;) LOL

December 26, 2010  03:18 PM ET

If any owner has no problem taking on bad contracts......see mjI agree with everyone above (excet the spammers)Taking on a fat and declining bd, who couldn't do anything with BETTER talent in clipdom would be ncredbly dumb

kind of a Trade of BAD contacts, Diop $6.5/6.9/7.3m, Carroll $4.3/3.9/eto3.5m, and D.J. Augustin, who the question is he a starting pG? for Davis $13m/13.9m/14.75m

... but Whatever ....

I would looking to try to Unload Diop to Orlando for the backup big man !

December 26, 2010  05:01 PM ET

sounds like a fire sale to me

December 26, 2010  05:02 PM ET

bet he wants out too

December 26, 2010  05:03 PM ET

how much of a loss will he take

December 27, 2010  07:09 AM ET

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December 27, 2010  12:48 PM ET

i'd be more worried about his hefty mid-section


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