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Cameras catch Mayweather exploding on guard


10:42 AM ET 12.27 | Floyd Mayweather Jr. unleashed a nuclear verbal attack on a guard inside his Vegas community last weekend -- all because the guy didn't recognize him ... and TMZ has obtained the footage. It all went down Sunday December 19 around 4 AM -- when Floyd drove up to the main gate and the security guard asked him for ID. That's when Mayweather went ballistic -- screaming, "Let me in my mother f**king house!!! You know who I am man ... let me in my house!!!"

Floyd Mayweather Jr., AP Floyd Mayweather Jr., AP
December 27, 2010  11:22 AM ET


December 27, 2010  12:15 PM ET

Get rid of these mother f**king spammers!!! You know who I am man.

December 27, 2010  12:28 PM ET

I would not know who he was if he sat down next to me and started up a converstation, but if you are a guard in (I assume) a high priced gated community, you really should know your clients.

December 27, 2010  12:59 PM ET

Maybe the guard didnt want to let him in on account of Mayweather being a ****.

December 27, 2010  01:00 PM ET

Since when is d**che profanity? You can buy them at CVS and Walgreens.

December 27, 2010  02:16 PM ET

Gayweather or Mayflower is getting sucked into innuendoes because he's got a short fuse. These guard are banking on getting a payback in court. Gay...or M..flower need to wise-up.

December 27, 2010  03:25 PM ET

let a m$%^#^f#$%%g broththaaa in his house .i think he was running from manny the pacman was chasing him to kick his a@##$ssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

December 27, 2010  03:38 PM ET


Abviously that nitwit guard wanted to bring Mayweather down to his level. Mayweather has to keep in mind that there are millions out there jealous of his status and his tons of green backs.
I doubt Mayweather is Gay or is a Mayflower. I think Mayweather will knock that fighter, "the one ducking him," out cold. Mayweather is great - no one can take that away from.
Hopefully, he is investing his money. I would hate to see him ending up as a Bellhop, opening doors for people.

December 27, 2010  03:45 PM ET

or maybe a security guard!

December 27, 2010  03:46 PM ET

at a gated community!

December 27, 2010  04:07 PM ET

Dude, Floyd is making it really hard to root for him. He's from my home town and that's always been enough for me, but wow.

December 27, 2010  04:14 PM ET

Little John, You might want to get your head out of your A** and see the facts first. The PACMAN in NOT ducking the foulweather at all. Its the other way around. Every time thier close to a deal, someone in foulweathers camp comes up with something or other to delay the fight. As for foulweather, He is a loud mouth bully and thinks that everyone should bow down to him because he is rich and a sports figure. Foulweather thinks every body should know who he is. He is a pro boxer and to me, he;s giving the fight game a very bad rep. He gets mad and blows up every time something dosen't go the way he wants it to. As for the PACMAN, when the fight does go on (if foulweather) ever gets the cry baby attitude out of his system, The Pacman will clean the ring with him because he is to full of himself.

December 27, 2010  05:47 PM ET

yeah floyd is ducking pac. im mexican and i saw what pac does to fighters. he punishes opponents before knocking em out. cotto, margarito, hatton. they all got their a55es kicked

December 27, 2010  06:27 PM ET

Im sorry but why is this a story? Seems like the guard needs to be fired for not knowing his clients. I mean who doesn't know Floyd Mayweather Jr's face. You may not know what he does but you know his face. Especially if you are a security guard!! I mean i would think that type of person prolly watches sport. Also, what if Floyd left his ID at home? They don't have a back up option for that? I mean no photo database or anything? If I was Floyd, I'd sue the community. That guard knew who he was talking too cause I bet he's seen Floyd before. Also, I never knew a man could be considered gay for having a short fuse. I really don't know how to address the name calling. I mean what if someone called you gay because have certain reasons for not fighting or you were involved in a domestic dispute with you ex. Man if that's so, there's more gay people than I thought in the world.

December 27, 2010  06:59 PM ET

Have a nice day Floyd.

December 27, 2010  07:38 PM ET

I know who Floyd is but evry body does not watch boxing. He needs anger management in a big way.

December 27, 2010  07:52 PM ET

Floyd is so stressed. He's facing felony charges, Pacman scares the **** out of him, and he's ashamed of being such a d*ck. Eventually you lose it and abuse a minimum wage worker. It's understandable...when you're a stressed-out, cowardly woman abuser.

December 27, 2010  08:13 PM ET


GayWeather or MayFlower can rant all his racist hate but there is no denying Gay...or M...flower is scared of the ultimate fight he running away from, irregardless of his 0-loss record. Make all the excuses to not fight, but it is definitely narrow-minded. Sad that such hate is in the it. Better ET than it.

December 27, 2010  08:21 PM ET

message to CNN

December 27, 2010  08:22 PM ET

message to CNN, your blatant Floyd mayweather Witch hunt is getting out of hand! We get it you dont like the guy...


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