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Kobe, Lakers officially reeling?


08:12 AM ET 12.29 | In what might have been the worst game of Tim Duncan's career, the Lakers still lost to the Spurs, despite Kobe Bryant's enthusiasm before tipoff. Bryant was determined to carry the load but instead shot the Lakers out of the game, scoring 21 points on eight-for-27 shooting, including a span in which he missed an unsightly 13 consecutive shots at AT&T Center. He was angry at his teammates after a pair of listless efforts last week at Staples Center. This time, he shouldered the blame. "I couldn't put the ball in the basket and it snowballed from there," Bryant said. ... Bryant had five turnovers and only one assist as the Lakers lost three consecutive games for the third time since acquiring Pau Gasol in 2008.

Los Angeles Times

Kobe Bryant, Getty Images Kobe Bryant, Getty Images
December 29, 2010  08:28 AM ET

So from here. I say Kobe will try to take over the games as he did last night for 3 or 4 more games. Then they will reinvent the wheel so to speak with "Team play" Is it me or do they do this every season? On the contrary it was a nice win from the Spurs.Stingy defense was why we won.Kobe was off rhythm and instead of trying to get his team involved he keep shooting. Doesnt look like a Championship caliber team to me. Looks like the team that sucked **** before Gasol came aboard.

December 29, 2010  08:28 AM ET

Believe Lakers will play this season like Boston did last season. Just get into the playoffs and then kick everyones butt!

December 29, 2010  08:30 AM ET

KoME is overrated.

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December 29, 2010  08:42 AM ET

A little too premature to have them out the running as of yet - They'll turn on the switch after the all-star break.

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December 29, 2010  08:54 AM ET

Clearly the lakers dont care. Watch that christmas game again, they didnt even try after they got down.

December 29, 2010  08:58 AM ET

to early to push the panic button but i would say this the lakers need to get it together, Gasol needs to show up as does artest cant be beat like that when duncan only scores 2 points and manu only 9 yet you still lose by double digits

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December 29, 2010  09:33 AM ET

Maybe it's time to "flip that switch", Bros.

December 29, 2010  09:35 AM ET

Is that a **** in the Lakers armor i see?

December 29, 2010  09:35 AM ET

lol c h i n k is a bad word?

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December 29, 2010  09:40 AM ET

Ive said all along that its early, and there are no worries in lakerland.....but, they are really playiang poorly and their age is starting to showVeteran teams don't play full out in the season, but they also don't get embarrassed over and overStill not worried, but am starting to get a little concerned

I agree, last year they wasnt this terrible starting out. Its very hard to 3peat and almost impossible. Every game they lose fades the thought of them winning another title, while teams like Spurs, Mavs, Miami, Boston and Orlando are looking impressive.

December 29, 2010  09:46 AM ET

The Champs will be alright, it's a long season...


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