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Time for Sens to sack coach?


08:29 AM ET 01.03 | The Senators have dropped three straight and may be at a crossroads of the 2010-11 season, with the latest insult coming at the hands of struggling Toronto. The Senators are screaming for an injection of something, and with four full days of practice before their next game, this would appear the right time for it to be administered. This would seem to be the appropriate moment to put coach Cory Clouston out of his misery. Clouston is in the final season of his contract, and right now it is unimaginable that he will be coming back for more.

Toronto Sun

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January 3, 2011  09:15 AM ET

The Senators are screaming for an injection of something.

After a horrible loss to To***to may I suggest sodium pentathol.

January 3, 2011  11:22 AM ET

"Time for Sens to sack coach?"

Sack as in to sack a quaterback or sack as in T-bag?

January 3, 2011  11:54 AM ET

Sacking the coach is the coward's way out. If the Sens want to get hardcore and build a Cup team, they need to concentrate on the underperforming players first.

January 3, 2011  12:11 PM ET

I was sure I had already posted on this thread. Oh well. Here goes:

I would often agree with Post #3, but in this case think Clouston is a bum coach who has only held on to his job because of the external circumstances around his job rather than the work he has done. If the Sens weren't already paying another coach, and the GM wasn't worried how bad he'd look firing yet another coach, I think he'd be gone.

He can't adapt his coaching to the skills of his team. Forcing Heatley out of town rather than adjusting a game plan to account for the league's best pure trigger man was stupid. How many teams traded Brett Hull because he didn't like playing defence? None, because he got the job he was getting paid to do done. They didn't sign Heatley for $7 a year for his Selke nominations, and to dump him for a poor-to-mediocre coach was the Sens equivalent of trading Patrick Roy and sticking with Mario Tremblay. Pick an easily replaced coach over a one-in-the-league talent. Brilliant. Now if it were Scotty Bowman or even a Mike Babcock it'd be different, but I digress. That's more GM than coach. Though he followed up that debacle by almost running Spezza out of town too.

Gonchar has played the right side his entire career. He isn't scoring on the left side and his defence - always questionable - has suffered too. Tough to think of moving him back to his natural side, I guess. That would be too obvious a solution. Guess he's still trying to help the "kid" develop.

Fisher, Foligno and Regin have all regressed under Clouston. Foligno and regin even played for him in Birmingham and can't get better under his system! These guys were expected to make names for themselves this year and have not. I blame a coach who can't get the best out of his guys.

Rookie d-man Karlsson is one of the leading scorers (tied for lead with Alfie), but gets healthy scratched on a team that needs more goals?

January 3, 2011  12:23 PM ET

What more proof do you need that he should be gone? A cpl more:

-His own captain has openly disagreed with him to the media. And Alfie is no malcontent.
-Fans want him fired, and have stopped going to games. Changing the coach could bring interest back in the team from Canada's worst sports city.
-Michalek, while no Heatley, has produced little to nothing. He looked like a good up and coming player in SJ. Once again, development has stalled.

So the guy coached the AHL squad that has little talent and produced little for the big-league club. What he DID produce that made it to the Sens has been disappointing there. His current roster shows no sign of improvement in terms of system, skills or effort level, and, in his time with the Sens, is yet to preside over a single career season from any individual player. What makes keeping him in position make sense? Fire Clouston, bring in a real coach, because this team has the talent and is built so that it can be this year's turnaround team if its not too late. No young coach needing a shot. No old, clamp down defensive style coach. Bring in an old war horse who knows the game and knows how to get production out of veterans and force them to play with pride. Bring in a motivator as opposed to a robot. I admit his best days are behind him, but in the short term, I think this team needs Pat Quinn.

January 3, 2011  12:25 PM ET

And I bet Quinny can get Kovalev to show up at night for more than a public skate, too.

January 3, 2011  12:36 PM ET

The Senators are screaming for an injection of something.

After a horrible loss to To***to may I suggest sodium pentathol.

Mr President, I second that motion.

January 3, 2011  02:36 PM ET

And on the same essential topic: who should replace Murray next year as GM?

Tambellini got his shot, finally.
Nonis works for the Leafs - even as an ****'t GM, they can't hire an ex-Leaf.
Yzerman and Niuwendyk got their jobs.
Something tells me John Muckler would pass this time, haha.
Jim Nill is still in Detroit, but his contract doesn't allow him to interview for jobs outside of the organization...and his pay reflects that loss of rights.

Tough call. May have to go off the rails and hire some guy out of nowhere. Can you imagine this team let the architects of its perpetual Cup contending years both walk within 2 years of each other? Muckler was the face, Chiarelli the brains. And Melnyk dumped both for a guy who's teams have always taken the next step after he left.

January 3, 2011  07:26 PM ET

Rebuild the whole Sens organization you have fair-weather fans that will not be happy until a big change is made .

- An Ottawa resident.


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