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Washington pencils Beltre into lineup


08:19 AM ET 01.06 | With the matter of his next baseball home settled, Adrian Beltre now has a home in the Rangers lineup. Beltre is expected to bat cleanup in between AL MVP Josh Hamilton and right fielder Nelson Cruz. Manager Ron Washington said it's possible Beltre could also hit in the fifth spot at times, but he has penciled him in at the cleanup spot. That's the same spot in the lineup that Vladimir Guerrero batted in 2010.

Adrian Beltre, Getty Images Adrian Beltre, Getty Images
January 6, 2011  08:29 AM ET

Nice lineup but that's not usually a problem with them. They need to get a nice surprise out of Webb.

January 6, 2011  09:06 AM ET

Kind of early to be filling out a lineup card.

January 6, 2011  09:15 AM ET

Kind of early to be filling out a lineup card.

Not when your cutting your lines with said lineup card.

January 6, 2011  09:24 AM ET

Insane contract for this guy.

January 6, 2011  09:33 AM ET

Insane contract for this guy.

Thats the thing about Baseball no one ever learns from past mistakes. Ranger fans get ready for 5 years of mediocrity... followed by one great season.

January 6, 2011  09:47 AM ET

But still a nice lineup. Some more fire power in the middle. A team that finished first in their division without him. He hit 49 doubles in fenway. I think 28 HR. They would like that to continue of course. Young to DH a true team player. So good move for them. Vlad's bat was slowing down a little.

January 6, 2011  09:48 AM ET

beltre's normal play is above mediocre...its just always less than what he produces in a contract year. hopefully he continues that...decent player...just gets paid a lot of dough...but who doesn't in the MLB.

agreed alot of dough. I got MLB. Don't go to live games much anymore. Tampa and Miami a couple of times a year is all.

January 6, 2011  09:50 AM ET

vlad's bat slowed down b/c is so GD hot in Texas!

That heat is a killer to the old guys. Who needs a right hander, who can hit the ball off a 56 foot curve ball, in a cooler climate? The Indians?

January 6, 2011  09:54 AM ET

vlad's bat slowed down b/c is so GD hot in Texas!

if you can't stand the heat...go to Seattle.

January 6, 2011  10:37 AM ET

I would say mediocre is a fair assessment...beyond his contract year in LA and last year, he is a .250 hitter with a .310 OBP...he is a good defensive player, but he is lazy...and this contract was a lazy man's reward...

January 6, 2011  10:45 AM ET

One last Hurrah for Beltre threads?

January 6, 2011  10:47 AM ET

TEX will be regretting this in 2012.

January 6, 2011  11:03 AM ET

TEX will be regretting this in 2012.

Texas will be regretting this deal ... until the next time he has a contract year. 96 million for this dude is stupid money. Would rather have spent that signing Hamilton, Andrus, and Kinsler.

January 6, 2011  11:38 AM ET

if anyone is stupid enough give beltre another contract after this one is over they deserve to be kicked in the balls

OH My GOD. The contract year then the flop thereafter as has happened over and over again and many of you all point out. The players union has the owners over a barrel. The Owners are wealthy and don't give a $$$ht...Who pays? The fans who love the game.....

January 6, 2011  11:44 AM ET

guess what ... the fans will quit showing up. The ball clubs are getting their money from Television.

January 6, 2011  12:49 PM ET

Not when your cutting your lines with said lineup card.


January 6, 2011  12:58 PM ET

Would rather have spent that signing Hamilton, Andrus, and Kinsler.

I concur. Stupid money for a career .275 hitter.

January 6, 2011  01:01 PM ET

I concur. Stupid money for a career .275 hitter.

There's a lot of that "stupid money" being spent this off season.

January 6, 2011  01:05 PM ET

john Q...still reading this mantle book..amazing to read that one of the games all time greats had to negotiate a new contract every year...he even took a pay cut in his mid 30s....mantle makes these guys look like rich cyrbaby soft ****

It's hard to believe seeing how things work now, but that's how it was done back then. The GM mailed the players a contract and you either signed it or you didn't play. Period. In the early 60's both Kofax and Drysdale held out at the same time and ended up getting slightly better deals. The one great thing about yearly contracts is that it gave teams much more flexability, but it didn't do the players much good not knowing from year to year if they had a job. Which is why 75% of major leaguers had jobs in the off season.

January 6, 2011  01:09 PM ET

I have no idea what the Rangers are thinking ... total waste of money ...


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