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Haley gains unflattering new rep


08:57 AM ET 01.12 | Todd Haley, with two seasons under his belt, is on to searching for his third offensive coordinator. That's not counting Haley himself, who spent the 2009 regular season as the coordinator. After firing Chan Gailey, his original coordinator, and then losing this year's play-caller, Charlie Weis to the University of Florida, Haley is gaining the reputation of a head coach who is difficult to work for. Haley disagreed with that notion and said it wouldn't hurt him during the job search. "I don't think that," Haley said. "That's not something I've thought about or considered."

Kansas City Star

Todd Haley, Getty Images Todd Haley, Getty Images
January 12, 2011  09:25 AM ET

the article is scintillating. what???

January 12, 2011  09:29 AM ET

"t". That says it all.

January 12, 2011  09:31 AM ET

Herm must have wrote this! or one of his goats!

January 12, 2011  09:34 AM ET

Herm must have wrote this! or one of his goats!

the goat ate it.

January 12, 2011  09:35 AM ET

Must have the new snot-nosed teenager running the blog today for the first time.

January 12, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Thoughtful Todd...

Pensive Todd...

Two sides of a single picture. Well done, FN.

January 12, 2011  09:38 AM ET

BTW - Where are all the loud mouth Chief fans that thought they actually belonged in the playoffs? Playing in the west coast divisions nowadays is about the same as the CFL. Except the CFL can pass the ball better...

January 12, 2011  09:43 AM ET

Oh, there it is.......UMMM, AHHHH, ......Nothing new here!

January 12, 2011  09:44 AM ET

Another well placed bs article by the interns.

January 12, 2011  10:00 AM ET

Just go get McDaniels, no change in the playbook and Haley gets to wag his finger in McDaniels face every game... should be interesting.

January 12, 2011  10:05 AM ET

Coordinators are a dime a dozen.

January 12, 2011  10:26 AM ET

I'd like to see him sign T.O. Good times!

January 12, 2011  10:33 AM ET

Gailey didn't leave for the Bills job. He was hired in '08 for Chiefs o-coord job, coached 3 preseason games, was fired. Didn't coach in '09. I guess the Bills thought he'd be fresh and rested to be head coach in '10. Not saying Haley isn't difficult to work with, just think Gailey is crap.

January 12, 2011  11:01 AM ET

I remember him and Boldin screaming at each other a couple years back when both were with the Cards. Haley seems to have a lot to say, and doesn't know when to keep it shuy.

January 12, 2011  11:02 AM ET


January 12, 2011  11:43 AM ET

Exactly ... this guy has had issues everywhere he has coached. Dallas, Az, and now KC. i give it another year and pioli fires him.

January 12, 2011  11:54 AM ET

Any manager who has turnover in his staff and doesn't ask him/herself, "Why, am I doing something wrong?", is not going to be very successful over time. Talented staff won't work for difficult managers who don't show respect etc.
Scott Pioli will sort this out sooner or later; he's too smart to put up with a screw-up coach for very long.

January 12, 2011  12:22 PM ET

KC Chief fans better get used to this loony running your team into the ground. He's a moron.

January 12, 2011  12:23 PM ET

Quote from Haley: "No, I don't consider myself paranoid. Why does everyone want to know that? Stop asking me!"

January 12, 2011  01:11 PM ET

Exactly ... this guy has had issues everywhere he has coached. Dallas, Az, and now KC. i give it another year and pioli fires him.

Do you suppose Haley mouths off to Pioli, too?


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