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Big Z now in three-man race for Opening Day


08:21 AM ET 01.13 | Carlos Zambrano's roller coaster campaign included a late-season winning streak, but his Opening Day spot remains up for discussion. Zambrano's place in the pecking order didn't get any stronger with the Cubs' trade last week for Matt Garza, who has the credentials to become the dominant pitcher in the 2011 rotation. Could Garza threaten Zambrano's streak of six straight Opening Day starts? How would Big Z handle it if he's not the guy on April 1 against Pittsburgh? And what about Ryan Dempster, who, based on wins, innings and ERA the last three years, is clearly the top returning starter? ... "I have no idea," Mike Quade said of his rotation order to start the season as he and several other Cubs prepared for a luncheon Wednesday at Harry Caray's downtown restaurant as the annual Cubs Caravan kicked off.

Chicago Sun-Times

Carlos Zambrano, Getty Images Carlos Zambrano, Getty Images
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January 13, 2011  08:47 AM ET

I'm laying 5 -1 odds he has another meltdown this season. 7 - 1 odds that he is traded by the All Star BreakAny takers?

And the melt down will begin on opening day when Garza trots out to the mound instead of him.

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January 13, 2011  09:09 AM ET

Stay within yourself Carlos. You can still pitch. Evidenced by you fine streak down the stretch last year. If not in Chicago then maybe somewhere else...

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January 13, 2011  09:11 AM ET

The Venezuelan Volcano.

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January 13, 2011  09:41 AM ET

I'm serious....

Then this is not the place to be.

January 13, 2011  09:55 AM ET

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WTF!!!! Welcome to Spam Illustrated.

January 13, 2011  09:57 AM ET

Big Z won't have a problem with opening or not. Just so long as he is in the rotation. I doubt he has a meltdown this year, but you never know.

January 13, 2011  10:08 AM ET

The best thing that could happen is that Big Z has a meltdown.......Dude is a freak and the Cubs need someone like that to light a fire under their ****......Zambrano's meltdown was the best thing that happened to him last year. It's a shame he got punished for having such a desire to win. I'd be pissed too if I had to play with a bunch of over paid silly lala's who didn't care WHEN they lost.

January 13, 2011  10:14 AM ET

How appropriate that the Cubbies open on April 1.

January 13, 2011  10:50 AM ET

go with Big Z or he's gonna wreak havoc on the dugout.

January 13, 2011  10:58 AM ET

Big Z would provide the most potential entertainment value.

January 13, 2011  01:18 PM ET

Please, Cubs, you aren't going anywhere anyway...please trade him to my Yankees for a reunion with Rothschild and a return of the Big Z to greatness...please?

January 13, 2011  02:32 PM ET

He will sit in the corner and pout and stomp his feet

All I know is that those ta ta's should be on every page of every thread! Keep commenting bro.

January 13, 2011  03:25 PM ET
January 13, 2011  05:59 PM ET

How appropriate that the Cubbies open on April 1.

How appropiate that dooshboy leaves her shat here.

January 13, 2011  08:23 PM ET

I'm laying 5 -1 odds he has another meltdown this season. 7 - 1 odds that he is traded by the All Star BreakAny takers?

He's untradeable with that contract. The Cubs are stuck with him.


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