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Wells too steep for Angels?


09:42 AM ET 01.22 | Shut out in their bids for free agents Carl Crawford and Adrian Beltre, the Angels instead made a big splash in the trade market Friday, acquiring All-Star outfielder Vernon Wells from the Toronto Blue Jays for catcher Mike Napoli and outfielder Juan Rivera. Wells, who said the Angels were one of "probably two teams" he would have waived his no-trade clause for, comes at a steep price. Wells is entering the fourth year of a heavily back-loaded, seven-year, $126-million deal that paid him $40 million for the first three years and will pay him $86 million over the next four years, $23 million in 2011 and $21 million each in 2012, 2013 and 2014.But Wells, a three-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove Award winner, will push the Angels' 2011 payroll to about $145 million and take up a big chunk of the payroll from 2012 to 2014.

Los Angeles Times

Vernon Wells, Abelimages/Getty Images Vernon Wells, Abelimages/Getty Images
January 22, 2011  10:01 AM ET

I gotta say the Blue Jays made out on this one.

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January 22, 2011  10:12 AM ET

Wells had a nice year this past year, but I can't believe the Jays unloaded his contract.

January 22, 2011  10:29 AM ET

I didn't think any team was desperate and/or stupid enough to take Wells and his albatross of a contract.

January 22, 2011  10:30 AM ET

I think both did.Sure vern is WAY overpaid, but the angels needed a bat desperately and they can afford it

But is this the best option they could find?.....sometimes nothing is better than something

January 22, 2011  10:31 AM ET

the Jays have been trying to unload this contract for years...

January 22, 2011  10:32 AM ET

I gotta say the Blue Jays made out on this one.

I'm with you on this. I hope Wells plays better in the land of fruits and nuts. He certainly underperformed where he was.

January 22, 2011  10:35 AM ET

He'll break his leg on home plate and that will be the end of his career.

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January 22, 2011  11:44 AM ET

Yeah... He's definitely over priced... but think of the outfield we'll have defensively. Wells in left, Borjous in center, and Hunter in right? That's 3 centerfielders playing the outfield. Best in baseball period. PERIOD.

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January 22, 2011  11:53 AM ET

.271 with 31 HRs. For $86M/4 years. $23M this year and $21M the next three. That's crazy money for those stats from a soon to be 32 year old player with an inconsistent track record

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January 22, 2011  12:17 PM ET

Big contract but Moreno wants to win....

January 22, 2011  12:20 PM ET

He could have wanted to win and picked up a better player for less.

January 22, 2011  12:25 PM ET

They are clearing salary and not looking to compete for a couple of years. They have good pitching, and young players. They are clearing payroll to rebuild. They had an expensive team, for them, that was not going to win.

January 22, 2011  12:34 PM ET



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