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Rubio may spurn Minnesota


08:13 AM ET 01.24 | Will Ricky Rubio, whose game in Europe seems to have regressed in the eyes of some, ever play for Minnesota? The best boon to his development might be to play in the NBA, where the best point guards are not only great passers but are also able to carry a team with their scoring. In the more-wide-open NBA style, Rubio could flourish. The Timberwolves continue to push him toward the NBA as soon as possible, contending privately that they have a commitment from him for next season. But Rubio's camp does not appear to be convinced. "The bottom line is, why would he want to play in Minnesota?" a senior member of Rubio's camp said this month. "He'll continue to say all the diplomatic things, and Minnesota needs to keep his value up for trade purposes, but the family's preference is to be on the East Coast, specifically New York, Miami or Boston."

The New York Times

Ricky Rubio, Getty Images Ricky Rubio, Getty Images
January 24, 2011  08:19 AM ET

... no new news from Espana

January 24, 2011  08:21 AM ET

.......blah blah blah

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January 24, 2011  09:12 AM ET

Don't come to the NBA, Bro.

January 24, 2011  09:20 AM ET

Boston already had a point guard ...

January 24, 2011  09:23 AM ET

Good article and I can not blame the guy...

Yet, Boston has Rondo, so he isn't going there...

To play for Miami he would have to play at the rookie minimum for years but would be a difference maker within that team...

New York would be a good fit but doesn't Felton play point guard there?

January 24, 2011  09:26 AM ET

Most LAME excuse I have heard, same as Rudy in PORT ..... NO direct flight from Madrid, Spain to MINNY .... gee, I want to play pG in the NBA and learn the playbook, ..... but, i can not figure out how to transfer planes in CHI. ....

Wait there is another Team CHI cause it has direct flights from Madrid, toooo

... Wait I think there is a direct Flight to ATL, toooo

January 24, 2011  09:28 AM ET

I hope this spoiled little brat gets what he deserves in the NBA. A good ol fashioned @zz whoopin.

January 24, 2011  09:29 AM ET

Cant we get some articles on actual nba play instead of the daily trade rumor mill?I mean really and truly....does anyone care about this clown?Does anyone think he will ever even be remotely relevant in the nba?The answer is no & no

The league is so boring and about to have a lockout so they have to write about something.

January 24, 2011  09:31 AM ET

Kid either your coming to the NBA or not....

January 24, 2011  09:40 AM ET

The bigger question for Rubio coming to the NBA .... is how long is his Buyout good for this summer, IF there is a Lock Out in the NBA .... Rubio just may have to commit to playing another year in Spain vs paying for the Buyout and then NO NBA to come to.

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January 24, 2011  09:41 AM ET

Yes he is comming to the NBA. The D league that is.

January 24, 2011  09:46 AM ET

Another non-story. Either he's in or out, but this crap has been reported 8 zillion times before nd will be reported 9 zillion more times before June 2011.


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