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Carmelo blames Nets for lack of deal


09:50 AM ET 01.30 | Carmelo Anthony doesn't know if the Nets will renew their interest in his services. He stopped short of saying he would reciprocate their interest, should the Nets want to schedule another meeting. In an interview with the Daily News on Saturday - two days before his arrival in Newark - Anthony reiterated that it was the Nets who pulled the plug on the trade.

New York Daily News

Carmelo Anthony, Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Carmelo Anthony, Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
January 30, 2011  10:05 AM ET

just finish this season and join the knicks next yr, we have had enough

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January 30, 2011  10:21 AM ET

Honestly, what else were they supposed to offer up.

January 30, 2011  10:30 AM ET

Blame your current owner. If he wasnt so damd greedy you would be getting showered with mad russian money.

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January 30, 2011  10:45 AM ET

too little, too late, superstar

January 30, 2011  11:03 AM ET

You need a time out, Bro.

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January 30, 2011  11:14 AM ET

If Melo was serious he would have spoken with them. Instead he wouldn't meet with them at the time so they pulled the plug.It's on you Melo, not them.

This is one of .. MELO said vs Mikhail said, things .... The "MEETING", which was supposed to be scheduled for Jan. 20. ...

Prokhorov nixed the meeting and the trade in a press conference a day prior on Jan 19th....

so is it MELO or Mikhail sounds like (McHale) ... LOL

But who cares?

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January 30, 2011  11:36 AM ET

Give me a break... coward. Come on man the guy put up a kings ransom for this deal to happen and only pulled it because Denver was dragging there feet. He made it clear he was not going to play there game. Doesnt sound like a coward to me.

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January 30, 2011  11:37 AM ET

Whether Melo wants the Nets or not, he and the Nuggets are better served to have their interest.

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January 30, 2011  11:54 AM ET

Nets owner is a coward.And the only thing worst than a coward, is a coward with power...

no way are you the richest man in Russia and a coward. Maybe the hardest country to be a citizen in the last 400 years. It was nicknamed the 'iron curtain" for a reason. If Anthony pulled this in Russia they would take him out back and...

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January 30, 2011  11:57 AM ET

Melo has nothing to lose by not being traded. Next season he can deal directly with whom ever he wants. It's the Nuggets that'll be screwed if they don't do something to get a trade done!

he has a lot to lose... like millions. The players will fold in the offseason they always do, the the money he can make now wont be the money he will get in free agency.

It's one thing to know two other all-star players are signing with you quite another to join a team barley over .500

January 30, 2011  11:58 AM ET

At the end of the day if he doesnt want to sign the extension just trade him already with whatever team wants to give up the most for the rental. They have him trying to take meetings like he's already a free agent during the middle of the season..who does that? I understand they would hope Carmelo would be a good guy and help them get the most out of their trade but seriously thats not his responsibility. Denver wants melo to play GM, Agent, and Player. Melo doesnt want to commit to the extension then go to plan b with that same team and they still get Melo for something at least. I ask this... you think owners care about making it a win win for the players when they ship them off in trades no. So why should players bend over backwards to do that for the owners. Its a business. Nothing personal.


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