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Ragan faces make-or-break year


09:07 AM ET 02.05 | David Ragan hears all the talk that he will be without a ride by the end of the 2011 season, and he is not so naive that he fails to understand why people say those things. He's also aware of how things work in the world of NASCAR. It's his ride right now, and if he performs, he'll stay in it.


David Ragan, Chris Trotman/Getty Images David Ragan, Chris Trotman/Getty Images
February 5, 2011  09:12 AM ET

Good Bye David. I doubt he will make the grade at seasons end.

February 5, 2011  10:29 AM ET

I agree JK. This is old news, we've been seeing this coming since '09 at the latest. Oh well it will be an open seat for Ambrose or the Dinger when RPM finishes their implosion!

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February 5, 2011  12:44 PM ET

I don't think his days in the Big Boy Series are over if he doesn't get himself back to 2008 form, but they will be with Roush Fenway.

Right now there are not a lot of rookies who will be moving up to Cup Rides this season (1 confirmed ROY candidate not even running a full schedule). You would likely see a lot of movement between teams among drivers and a few new drivers move into Cup next season from Nationwide, but they could be replacing guys who are doing worse than Ragan in their lower tier rides and a couple drivers who might not keep running after 2011 (B. Labonte among them).

Ragan has experience working with one of the elite organizations in NASCAR. That would be a benefit to any team wanting a driver. He won't get a ride with a top level Cup Team, but I think he will be in Cup with someone next season.

I also think RPM will still be running in 2012 as well with Ambrose and Dinger. The team seems to have ditched the huge problems that nearly closed the team in 2011 and could make some noise this season with Dinger and Ambrose both potential race winners this season.

The question is who will be taking over the 6 car next season from Ragan. I've got one idea for Roush-Fenway. There is a driver with experience at Roush Racing, who has an expiring contract with his current team after 2011. Mark Martin wants to keep driving and he has the experience and last and in 2009 proved he could still run with the big boys. 2010 was a down season, but with a strong 2011 he could put himself in position to get a ride for a year or 2 with a major team like Roush (or replacing Kahne at Red Bull for 2012).

February 5, 2011  01:51 PM ET

Thank you for the new story T&R.
Good post, Chap. As you went on I kind of guessed where you were going. I'm not sure if Martin would drive for Rousch again. I thought there might have been a little more bad feelings there than were made public when he left. But anything is possible. I like to see Mark Martin driving for anybody. (My socks with the #6 logo just wore out. I'd had them for years).

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February 5, 2011  07:58 PM ET

I agree that Ragan's days won't be over, but as stated might be with a lesser team.......but that is all part of the cycle of Nascar life......look at all the drivers that have moved around in their career.......and look at the ones with ups and downs.....just par for the course.

February 5, 2011  08:48 PM ET

I don't know to much about Ragan, but I hate to see a young driver loose his ride, baybe he'll do OK, Good Evening Everyone.

February 5, 2011  09:45 PM ET

baybe = maybe ,,, sorry

February 5, 2011  10:31 PM ET

Ragan is another Nationwide talent driving a Cup Car. I don't need another season to show me that. He flat ain't good enough! Nuff said!

February 5, 2011  10:33 PM ET

It seems a lot of drivers had better step it up this year-----it is a fickle sport-you need to win or race well or you are gone and they will just replace you with a young driver.....

February 5, 2011  10:56 PM ET

Ragan is another Nationwide talent driving a Cup Car. I don't need another season to show me that. He flat ain't good enough! Nuff said!

Right on the button.

February 6, 2011  09:15 AM ET

As a long time Roush fan, I've wondered why Ragan has been in this seat for as long as he has. But, alas, like so many things at Roush over the last couple of years, they are always a little bit behind the curve to these things.

February 6, 2011  10:37 AM ET

Win or lose, have a good Super Bowl Day.

February 7, 2011  06:31 AM ET

Ragan is another Nationwide talent driving a Cup Car. I don't need another season to show me that. He flat ain't good enough! Nuff said!

No disagreement at all, but look around the entire cup field. there's a good half dozen that fit this description, and it seems to be getting worse.. There just doenst seem to be any new blood, or much of it, in recent years that comes in and competes at the top level. I thought keselowski would, I will give him another year, maybe two. Logano is in Stagnation. he's cutting the bread at this level but not improving as I would have hoped.

Other than kryle (tm), who was the last young'un to come tear it up? I also wonder if the lack of new young blood isnt part of the viewership and attendance issue.

February 7, 2011  06:32 AM ET

David Ragan's 27th place is not stellar, but there are More that need to be removed before this kid.

agreed. but who will fill the seats?

February 8, 2011  04:12 PM ET

I like MM back to the #6. Nice, Chap!

February 8, 2011  04:23 PM ET

Junior is next to go....

when hell freezes over bud. right/ ain't happening.

February 9, 2011  07:20 PM ET

Perhaps he needs to race "The Truck."

February 12, 2011  01:05 PM ET

David Ragan had a year 2-3 years ago when he was really an up and comer, and just missed making the chase..since then hes just been a field filler, driving around in circles..


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