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Savage transfer sets up 2012 battle at Arizona


08:30 AM ET 02.18 | Tom Savage is coming in from the cold. Former Rutgers quarterback Tom Savage has committed to the play football for the Arizona Wildcats, he wrote in a text message to on Thursday morning as he was leaving Tucson. ... In a perfect world, senior Nick Foles stays healthy for 2011 and senior Matt Scott redshirts, as is his preference. Arizona would have Scott and Savage to compete in 2012 ... and, after that, Arizona has another year of Savage with plenty of time to develop and add other quarterbacks. ... Savage (6-5, 226) was a Freshman All-American in 2009, becoming a starter in the second game and being voted the team's Offensive MVP for the season. He completed 149 of 289 passes for 2,211 yards, with 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Tucson Citizen

Tom Savage, Getty Images Tom Savage, Getty Images
February 18, 2011  08:34 AM ET

Buckeyes#1 Baby

February 18, 2011  08:41 AM ET

Couldn't the mods find an image to use? Maybe Blaqk, JRM or Papa Rocks could "suggest" some appropriate images.

February 18, 2011  08:47 AM ET

Couldn't the mods find an image to use? Maybe Blaqk, JRM or Papa Rocks could "suggest" some appropriate images.'s not like Rutgers of Arizona are in areas that are never seen.

February 18, 2011  08:51 AM ET

*or bad.

February 18, 2011  09:13 AM ET

Way to go Mods! Great pic. I knew you could do it! Now, photoshop him into a Zona Wildcat uni!

February 18, 2011  09:23 AM ET

With Anae there as OC (or co-OC) Savage may feel more comfortable with the offense - especially with a year to sit out and really grasp the plays.

Hope he doesn't regret giving Cignetti's scheme a chance!

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February 18, 2011  01:11 PM ET

The kid is a legit drop back QB (is not mobile tough). He was select for the Army All Star game and Elite 11 QB out of high school. Was a freshmen All American. The use of the wildcat, and poor Oline (gave up 60 something sacks) didn???t help the cause this past season.

February 18, 2011  01:24 PM ET

BB9 needs that Red Rider, bad.

February 18, 2011  06:11 PM ET

Savage was solid last year but took a step back this year and lost his job to a true freshman, undeservedly in my opinion because Chas Dodd was worse. Like Moz said the Oline was really bad and Rutgers ran the most **** offense in college football last year. Here's hoping that since we now have a real offensive coordinator and Schiano isn't calling plays that I don't ever have to see the Wild Knight again.

February 18, 2011  09:43 PM ET

Savage has a great arm, and great accuracy downfield. I wouldn't base any opinions on him on 2010. Between horrible snaps, a new receiving corps, an offensive line that gave up 60 sacks, an injury, no running game, and some dubious play calling, no QB had a chance. Looking forward to seeing Savage and Arizona have some great years. No hard feelings, and only best wishes to Tom. RU will be ready to roll next year with Dodd and a whole lot of other changes.

February 19, 2011  01:04 AM ET

Caught two RU games in '09 and was very impressed by Savage (and Sanu -- how about the lower half on him?). Thought maybe we'd be seeing him up near the top of the draft in the next year or two. Has a great body and an equally impressive arm. I was surprised and disappointed that he didn't have a better year but what you guys have said makes sense. Hopefully he can get back on track and maybe end up being a high pick whenever he comes out.


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