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McGrady denies Pistons player protest


08:48 AM ET 02.26 | Word of a player protest was news to Tracy McGrady when reached by phone this afternoon. McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton and Chris Wilcox were among the Pistons who missed this morning's shootaround. Only six players were full participants for the entire shootaround. Team sources termed the absences a type of player protest because of dissatisfaction with coach John Kuester. But McGrady said a headache had bothered him for the last three days.

Detroit Free Press

Tracy McGrady, J. Dennis/Einstein/Getty Images Tracy McGrady, J. Dennis/Einstein/Getty Images
February 26, 2011  08:52 AM ET

No one believes you, Bro.

February 26, 2011  08:59 AM ET

I dont believe that TMac started this shiet

February 26, 2011  09:00 AM ET

John Kuester needs to be fired soon

February 26, 2011  09:15 AM ET

It's FUBAR in Detroit

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February 26, 2011  09:35 AM ET


February 26, 2011  09:42 AM ET

The players need to be suspended ...

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February 26, 2011  10:07 AM ET

Whole heartily agree. The actions of those players was an insult to the city, to the Pistons organization and the NBA. The inmates have taken over that asylum and need to be spanked or sent to bed without dinner.How childish. It's okay to disagree with the coach. It's okay to voice your opinion. However be professional and keep it in the locker room and within the team. For a group of veterans to stage a walkout or a sickout is a disgrace. To deny that it was staged is an insult to the fans.We all know you did it so take responsibility. The league and the team need to suspend/fine these players. Not a $10,000 fine. To these millionaires they will barely feel it. Make it $100,00 or more and set an example to the league. This type of behavior will not be tolerated.

Agreed. I think the team/organization should create one fine. There should also be a second, unprecedented fine on behalf of David Stern and the league.

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February 26, 2011  10:23 AM ET

The players need to be suspended ...

Yep. That will cut all this no sense out with the quickness.

If they wanted out they should have requested a trade, but now that the deadline is gone, do your damm jobs. Hopefully the front office already knows the coach sux.

No need to start cheating the fans.

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February 26, 2011  12:02 PM ET

If it looks like a mutiny, and it smells like a mutiny then it must be...

February 26, 2011  12:31 PM ET

with the cba being done this year - a possible strike - lockout or both - and mabee no nba next season the players do something to make themselfs and the owners and the nba look worse than they do now - and then to lie about it - and i must allso say if i had a headache for 3 days i would be in the doc's face about it - i mean all the teams have team doc's at there becken call 24/7 - just a phone call away 24/7 and for the players it's free to see ( or call ) the team doc. in case they don't have any money

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February 26, 2011  01:18 PM ET

I dont believe that TMac started this shiet

He better not have - Detroit has resurrected what was left of his career. I can't think of any team that would have given him the chances and minutes he is getting.

February 26, 2011  03:13 PM ET

I'm glad I'm a Cavalier fan!

February 26, 2011  07:23 PM ET

the pistons are plagued by bad contracts. i hate to say it because he is loved so much around detroit but joe dumars has to go. he has made a couple good moves and more than a few horrible moves. it is time to move on. hopefully if a deal ever gets done to sell the team the new owner will feel as i do and make a change.


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