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Radio host says tapes implicate Newton


07:15 AM ET 03.01 | The host of a Huntsville, Ala., sports talk radio show says he has heard audio tapes, allegedly in the possession of former Mississippi State players John Bond and Bill Bell, that implicate Cam Newton in his father, Cecil's, pay-for-play scheme that was investigated by the NCAA. Scott Moore, an Alabama fan and a college football speaker, said Friday during a radio interview with WNSP in Mobile, Ala., that he heard tapes of Cecil Newton selling his son's services while Cam was in the room. He states Tennessee offered Cecil Newton $200,000 for Cam Newton to play in Knoxville, and that Mississippi State was getting a discounted rate.

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Cam Newton, Joe Robbins/Getty Images Cam Newton, Joe Robbins/Getty Images
March 1, 2011  08:25 AM ET

Did anyone not already know this? Maybe Auburn fans who wanted to believe otherwise. Doesn't matter. They can take his Heisman back and he'll still clock an NFL check (barring the work stoppage).

March 1, 2011  08:32 AM ET

ha ha ha ha ha.....sheet is getting real.Hard to take someone who's like a bama fan seriously though.

Yep, needs to be someone other than a Bama fan...but that will probably happen later IMO.

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March 1, 2011  08:47 AM ET

I just don't put much into this one, yet, just wait and see. FJJ what happened to your guys, have they started their melt down again?

I don't either. If these tapes truly existed, why didn't they come out when the investigation was in full swing late last year? Why wait until now? Sounds more like sour grapes coming from 'Bama fans at this point and, after the Toomer's Corner trees got poisoned, it seems anything's possible these days...

March 1, 2011  08:58 AM ET

I agree that I don't put much stock in this, yet, however, if it isn't true then isn't the host, radio station, etc risking a huge slander lawsuit if they can't prove what they claim? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If Cam's people don't press for a lawsuit to protect his name then they may not want something to get out. Should be fun to watch.

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March 1, 2011  09:10 AM ET

Does anybody find this surprising? He may be a ball player - but he could NOT have been *that* ignorant.

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March 1, 2011  09:17 AM ET

Why do Miss St players have audio tapes? If it were say coaches who recorded dealings with him to keep their name clear if something came about then OK but how in the hell do players get hold of these. Honestly who has tapes anymore anyways? Did they use their talkboy to record the conversation?

March 1, 2011  09:17 AM ET

Looks like, when this is settled the whole sec will be under probation; minus Vanderbilt, since they only offered him pi.

March 1, 2011  09:18 AM ET

hmmm ... imagine that. a college football player selling himself to the highest bidder ... who woulda thunk it

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March 1, 2011  09:21 AM ET

FORMER Moo St player and Booster

Does someone with enough cash to be a booster even have the equipment to play a tape? I sure as hell don't and I horde electronic equipment.

March 1, 2011  09:21 AM ET

TCU should be sueing the NCAA right about now for re-instating sCam.

March 1, 2011  09:23 AM ET

Get use to these rumors because we will be hearing them for at least three years before the NCAA closes this case.

March 1, 2011  09:25 AM ET

TCU should be sueing the NCAA right about now for re-instating sCam.

Don't think they want to speak up at all right now. They have their own internal problems...not recruiting issues, but problems none the less.

March 1, 2011  09:30 AM ET

Hmmm... I wonder if anyone said "ahem, we will be audio taping this conversation for all to refer back to" before the conversation took place.


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