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Calipari, of all people, hostile to one-and-done


08:21 AM ET 03.17 | John Calipari lost an almost absurd amount of young talent to the the NBA last season, and yet he keeps reloading. No college coach better embraces the concept of "one-and-done" than Calipari. "Sometimes I don't think people will listen when I say this: I don't like the rule. I don't like the one-and-done. I don't think it's good for college, I don't think it's good for the NBA. But it's a rule we have to live with. I recruit the best players I can recruit and I don't try to hold them back," Calipari said. "You say embrace it? It's what the rule is. Now the option is, why do I recruit such good players? Because they want to play for me and I want to coach them."

The Tampa Tribune

John Calipari, Getty Images John Calipari, Getty Images
March 17, 2011  08:27 AM ET

Buckeyes # 1 baby. Bring on the dance

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March 17, 2011  08:31 AM ET

Buckeyes # 1 baby. Bring on the dance

Good to see you back BB9. I had to carry on your opening statement for a few days in your absence and the crew "not so politely" informed me I wasn't as good at it as you are!

March 17, 2011  08:33 AM ET

You just got to go with the flow. I do not like it either, I wish there was something that could be done.

Morn' Colonel.

There is something that can be done about it (one way or the other) but no one has the guts to do it!

Just my opinion though.

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March 17, 2011  08:36 AM ET

Good to catch up. Can't hang around to long but I am cautiously optimistic. Colonel, in my bracket I got a "collision" coming with your cats. I think you know how my bracket plays out and I am quite sure I know how you filled yours' out. Should be an entertaining one.

March 17, 2011  08:36 AM ET

There's nothing like the real thing baby. Morning Deep Creek, and yes you did keep up where BB left off, good job.

Keep the Faith DC.

March 17, 2011  08:37 AM ET

"One and done"...

... Better than not one at all, right...?

March 17, 2011  09:07 AM ET

It's the NBA that set "1 year removed" policy. The NBA also has a development league which further drains the talent pool. I agree with Calipari that it's not good for colleges or the NBA.

March 17, 2011  09:09 AM ET

"One and done"...... Better than not one at all, right...?

Yep, it is where I come from!

Brotha, I think your mind operates on a higher plane than mine...but the only way to get on a lower plane than mine would be to dig a hole.

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March 17, 2011  09:25 AM ET


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March 17, 2011  09:36 AM ET

Calishady will say anything when you put a mic in front of him. The one and done has revived his "career" without it, he'd be a snake oil salesman. UK sold their soul (if they had 1) to the Lucifer and won't get another title with a bunch of one and done. They aren't students, they are just athletes who won't be on campus after the Big Dance. Their best talent already has an agent, World Wide Wes. NCAA is too lazy to clean up this crap in the Bluegrass.

March 17, 2011  09:37 AM ET

Top O' the Mornin' all!

March 17, 2011  10:00 AM ET

I think they should be able to go from high school strait into the pros. Koby, KG, Dwight Howard, Kendrick Perkins, LeBron, Tracy McGrady, Rashad Lewis. There are too many players who made the leap and have had outstanding NBA careers to say players should not be able to do it.

I think they should learn how to play defense before going to the NBA. Oh wait, we're talking about the NBA. Nevermind.

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March 17, 2011  10:16 AM ET

SNAP! Dang, Colonel, I can't top that. Shut my mouth.

Wait I have a penny coin Thad gave me...lets see what happens when I put it on the tracks. OMG the Train Derailed. O-H-


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