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Garza blames mound for latest poor showing


08:51 AM ET 03.20 | After four spring starts and one relief appearance with the Cubs, Matt Garza is 0-3 with a 9.88 ERA and hasn't made it past four innings. His latest flop was Saturday against the Padres, when he lasted only three innings after allowing three runs on three hits and three walks. His excuse was the "slippery slope" one, the slant of the Peoria Complex mound making it impossible for him to find a good landing spot and thus causing his left hamstring to tighten up.

Chicago Tribune

Matt Garza, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Matt Garza, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
March 20, 2011  09:24 AM ET

He's on the "slippery slope" to whinesville.

March 20, 2011  09:26 AM ET

Typical Cubs player.

March 20, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Or it could be his lack of talent.

March 20, 2011  09:38 AM ET

I think it's total crap that anybody has Mark Grace's number. Grace played consistently and did what was asked of him every year he was with the Cubs. Then, Cubs management got the great idea that Choi would be an acceptable replacement. Bah!

March 20, 2011  09:51 AM ET

Sorry, Garza - athletes adjust. The other pitchers played on a different mound, perhaps? In sports -- in every line of work, really -- whining is the worst.

March 20, 2011  09:55 AM ET

LOL Looks like the Cubbies are already in mid-season form! At least for them.

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March 20, 2011  11:07 AM ET

Halfway through spring training an 1 pitcher blames the mound in Peoria? Hey Matt, the dog once ate my homework.

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March 20, 2011  12:59 PM ET

A simple comment that his hamstring had tightened up would have sufficed for the media. If the slope of the mound was an issue, he could have spoken with someone on the grounds crew in private, the issue would have been resolved and noone gets thrown under the bus.

Garza is already showing that he may be a perfect fit for a clubhouse already nicely stocked with diva's.

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March 20, 2011  04:12 PM ET

Or might it be due to the fact that you were too busy eating donuts and cheeseburgers to actually do any running and lifting in the off-season?! = P

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March 20, 2011  08:51 PM ET

hey matt do you want a pacifer BABY

March 20, 2011  10:18 PM ET

Mods clean the Finger, but not the spam. Lovely.

March 21, 2011  12:20 AM ET

Looks as if he will fit in nicely with Zambrano and the rest of the Cubs...

March 22, 2011  12:30 PM ET

Garza has no one to blame but himself!


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