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Cards should worry more about 'pen


08:18 AM ET 03.25 | The pitching staff in St. Louis, thinned by injury, may wind up being most hurt in relief. [The Cards' staff is] healthier than the Brewers right now. They aren't as deep as Cincinnati. No NL Central team is, really. They have bigger names than the Cubs. They don't have as many lefties as Houston. And Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh. [Know] that the biggest concern -- spoken or not -- for the Cardinals will be getting enough innings from their rotation to avoid crippling a retooled bullpen. That is going to be pivotal. Given Jake Westbrook as a constant, that is up to Jaime Garcia and Kyle Lohse. They will determine where the Cardinals fit in the NL Central. They could be anywhere from the best rotation to the fourth-best rotation, which is also a good indicator of where they could finish in the standings, too.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tony La Russa, Getty Images Tony La Russa, Getty Images
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March 25, 2011  08:37 AM ET

The Cardinals are going to need a little help in both areas

Agreed...their pitching staff as a whole is a question mark without Wainwright in the rotation

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March 25, 2011  11:09 AM ET

The entire pitching staff should make things very ........ interesting this season! *sigh*

March 25, 2011  11:11 AM ET

I believe the rotation will be solid. The bullpen performance will be key to keeping the Birds in contention.

March 25, 2011  01:36 PM ET

If LaRussa knows anything it is how to burn out a BP

March 26, 2011  10:41 AM ET

the cardinals need more than just luck, the pitching coach needs to work over time to make sure the pitching doesn't fall into a mess, the hitting coach most work very hard towards this season and the whole hitters shouldn't forget that last year was a completly dissaster the birds went from so- so team to a very shame team who couldn't figureout where was the problem, or where to start to fixin the problem something that the team itself never was able to corrected!!

March 26, 2011  11:44 AM ET

the angels will need plenty luck if they really are serious about to compete with every single team on the american league, they have been just a so- so team this spring, and the only player that has show something good it has been the rookie firstbaseman trumbo a player that will have to either move to the bench and been use it as a utility player, or go back to the minors when this guy morales be ready to return for his position!

March 26, 2011  12:01 PM ET

could the royals win the pennant on 2015?..

March 26, 2011  12:28 PM ET

can someone please translate what alacran is trying to say

March 28, 2011  09:11 AM ET

garcia is terrible, look at his numbers this spring and lohse is always terrible. the fifth starter will be some punk out of the bullpen seeing as the idiots in the front office wont go after someone (hoarding money for albert, who is already gone). carpenter will get lit up more than a Cubs pitcher this year and westbrook has been bad his whole career.....looks to be a great year in st louis. move over Pittsburg, we will be taking over dead last this year.


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