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Elway would have kept Cutler in Denver


02:08 PM ET 03.26 | If John Elway had his way, Jay Cutler probably would still be a Bronco. Asked Tuesday at the owners meetings if he would have traded Cutler, now the team's executive vice president, told the Chicago Sun-Times, "That's hard to say because I don't know all the circumstances. "But I do know how hard it is to get a guy who has that much talent at the position."

Chicago Sun-Times

John Elway, Sean Gardner/Getty Images John Elway, Sean Gardner/Getty Images
March 26, 2011  02:13 PM ET

Misleading headline. Why is this even a story?

March 26, 2011  02:27 PM ET

Waited all day for this????

March 26, 2011  03:13 PM ET

And they'd be exactly where they are anyways. Defense is the problem. Elway hasn't shut his pie hole since he took over here. Hey John....less is more.

March 26, 2011  03:47 PM ET

I would have left Josh McDaniels in N.E.

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda ......................

Like the man said -- they need defense. They scored enough points to win 10 games if the D was average or better.

March 26, 2011  03:48 PM ET

Misleading headline. Why is this even a story?

Agreed. He said exactly what he should say when asked that question.

March 26, 2011  03:51 PM ET

And they'd be exactly where they are anyways. Defense is the problem. Elway hasn't shut his pie hole since he took over here. Hey John....less is more.

And the running game... but I think Tebow is supposed to fix that.

March 26, 2011  04:01 PM ET

It couldn't have worked out, because McD couldn't make a lateral move on positions, but I look at the Rams situation and feel jealous.

Spagnuolo interviewed for the HC job, but wasn't really even considered. McD was the golden child that got fired in less than two years. The Broncos were not in good shape when McD was hired, but neither were the Rams. Spags is turning out to be a real HC and now McD is going to help develop a QB and is calling the offensive plays. If they hadn't completely wasted the draft picks they got for Cutler and Marshall, they could actually be somewhere.

March 26, 2011  04:22 PM ET

Water under the bridge. Bowlen had a brain fart after fighting with Shanahan,then hired McDaniels. He farted McDaniels out. Now two true NFL guys (Fox & Elway) are making the decisions. These guys will build this franchise back up by drafting defense.

March 26, 2011  04:31 PM ET

Another example how hiring the wrong people can seriously impact the future of your team. The Broncos have suffered immensely from bad player moves. The Niners have had a long series of player decisions that have caused a decade of losing seasons. Owners need to put even more effort into researching their front office hires. Their scouting staffs will use a microscope to study a player for months before making a case for drafting him. The same level of scrutiny needs to be done in these cases. I am sure that it does in some cases, but one has to wonder about the questionable decisions that are made by "professionals".

March 26, 2011  04:37 PM ET

The headline is a complete distortion of what Elway said, typical T&R yellow journalism. Cutler is a punk.

March 26, 2011  04:42 PM ET

John still has grin from years ago

March 26, 2011  05:10 PM ET

John still has grin from years ago

Hee Haw...Hee Haw...He always looks like that.

March 26, 2011  05:11 PM ET

And the running game... but I think Tebow is supposed to fix that.

Yeah, the running game is a problem but Cutler wouldn't have fixed that either.

March 26, 2011  05:15 PM ET

how does "that's hard to say" translate into Elway would have kept Cutler?

March 26, 2011  05:23 PM ET

That would have been a good thing?

March 26, 2011  05:28 PM ET

Cutler sucks!

March 26, 2011  06:36 PM ET

give me tebow ova cutler any day...

March 26, 2011  07:34 PM ET

Man Elway needs to **** all ready.

March 26, 2011  08:05 PM ET

Elway isn't going to be happy until the Bronco's change their helmet design to include a picture of his smiling mug, that by the way does look vary horse like...I think it's the teeth.

March 26, 2011  08:17 PM ET

Tebow any day! Well he will get his change, than draft another QB..


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