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Dale Jr. won't start tweeting


11:02 AM ET 03.27 | Many NASCAR drivers have gotten involved with Twitter, some extensively, tweeting practically from the moment they wake up in the morning. #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn't one of them. Certainly, he understands Twitter's usefulness and his team's use of it, but he just can't get into it.


Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jason Smith/Getty Images Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jason Smith/Getty Images
March 27, 2011  11:07 AM ET

Certainly, he understands Twitter's usefulness and his team's use of it, but he just can't get into it.

He has to get into driving the car before he starts tweeting. Some times it seems he is texting and driving at the same time. LOL

March 27, 2011  11:15 AM ET

I don't know about tweeting but Mayfield had the tweaking and driving down pat.

March 27, 2011  11:59 AM ET

Morning, JK. I'm so grateful for a new post I an ignore the fact that it's about something someone ISN'T doing.

March 27, 2011  12:03 PM ET

Hey now JK you better quit picking on my driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

Tweaking and driving LMFAO--you got Mayfield right--haven't heard anything about him for quite awhile----

YEA ____________ a new psot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #9 has been removed
March 27, 2011  12:33 PM ET

He's probably like me and doesn't understand how.

March 27, 2011  12:36 PM ET

No comment on his driving, or his qualifying speed or anything as such, tweeting he shows some damn smarts, this on line talky talky is out of hand and uses spy works to get personal info, good on him. Jk shame on your ol arse, look at KB a year or so back.LOL the middle finger kid. LMAO

March 27, 2011  02:10 PM ET

I dont think I have seen a more ridiculous article posted here

March 27, 2011  02:12 PM ET

Hey Pond, this is a ''treet'' as in Spam LOL

March 27, 2011  02:48 PM ET

LMAO @ SLY...your comment #11 is hilarious.
I personally applaud anyone who DOES NOT Tweet or go on Facebook.....I keep in touch with all my family and friends quite easily without that......Facebook is a fraudsters picking grounds....way too much info on there.....way too little protection for users.IMHO

March 27, 2011  03:04 PM ET

Besides, I have read some of the drivers tweets from their websites.......yawnnnnnnnnnnnn!
mindless dribble LOL
So good thinking there Jr!

March 27, 2011  03:10 PM ET

Can anyone tell us what the hell this has to do with racing? People who have been roped into this form of comm had better be damn careful ... these dummies leave themselves wide open to security issues. It is amazing how many "idiots" there are with "smart phones" ... LMAO

March 27, 2011  03:16 PM ET

Oh oh -- did anyone notice the 18 car smoking after he fired it up ... burned piston? They changed the engine in the 20 -- sent him to the rear ...

March 27, 2011  03:17 PM ET

""It is amazing how many "idiots" there are with "smart phones" ""... LMAO

Good one EarnTaz... LOL

March 27, 2011  04:06 PM ET

One word can describe this left coast race -- BORING!

March 27, 2011  04:25 PM ET

Oooppss -- another TURD problem ... looks like the 11 is fixin' to flush the motor ...

March 27, 2011  06:01 PM ET

BORING went away the last 15 laps ... next time I'll just take a nap and wait til the end ...

March 27, 2011  07:22 PM ET

Harvick leads, what one lap? Good for him. Kyle says we gave it away, J.J. was more the best driver won.

March 27, 2011  07:38 PM ET

""It is amazing how many "idiots" there are with "smart phones" ""... LMAO Good one EarnTaz... LOL

My dad always said "I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobatomy"

March 27, 2011  09:47 PM ET

Hell of a win Harvick!

Talk about "Layin' in the weeds" -- he lead only one lap ... the money lap ... LOL


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