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Shaq, ever confident, may extend career


08:08 AM ET 03.28 | Shaquille O'Neal had a lot to say in a little time during a recent Q&A. Q: How much do you look forward to the opportunity to go up against guys like Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum in the playoffs? A: Excuse me? Don't ask me a question like that. Q: But that's what people want to know. Those guys are playing so well and everyone wants to see if you can match up with them one-on-one. A: First of all, they won't dare play me one-on-one, even at the tender age of 39. And you know what? Playin' those teams, it ain't gonna be about the [center] matchup, so I don't really worry about that. ... Q: How much thought have you given to playing beyond this season? Is there a chance that this is the last season for you? A: I don't know yet. Probably not.

Shaquille O'Neal, Getty Images Shaquille O'Neal, Getty Images
March 28, 2011  08:21 AM ET

Don't wory about Howard or Bynum,, just make it back for the playoffs...

March 28, 2011  08:21 AM ET

Shaq is still in the league?!?! Holy Cow!! I remember when I was in 5th grade he was getting drafted into the league. lol

March 28, 2011  08:23 AM ET

Go away shaq...

March 28, 2011  08:25 AM ET

He'd better leave before he blows up in size like Sir Charles.

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March 28, 2011  08:41 AM ET

He got way too offended by a question. Sensitive much shaq?

March 28, 2011  08:42 AM ET

LOL it is hard to say if Shaq was being funny, or was his ego speaking for him. Bynum and Howard will eat him for breakfast right now.

March 28, 2011  08:46 AM ET

Go away shaq...

Even Shaq of old, he is still better than alot of centers currently in the league. Shaq Attack!

March 28, 2011  08:46 AM ET

shaq will be back for the post season, he could have been back for weeks already, boston's just keeping him rested and healthy on the sidelines till the season ends...

March 28, 2011  09:01 AM ET

This article is a joke.....

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March 28, 2011  09:12 AM ET

Time waits for no one, Bro.

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March 28, 2011  09:32 AM ET

This article is a joke.....

I agree with you and I am a LAKERS' fan

March 28, 2011  09:42 AM ET

Shaq is a Popeyes Bonafide Two Piece from Eddy Curry...time to hang them kayaks up bro...

As long as he is watching Kobe's last championship celebration on youtube ...he will be moviated come playoff time.

March 28, 2011  10:00 AM ET

Motivation is irrelevant if you are unable to produce.

My outlook on him: production is irrelevant until the postseason starts ....Rasheed pissed me off for several months and than showed up in the postseason- I'm fine with that kind of performance from Shaq

March 28, 2011  10:02 AM ET

Histrionic = See Shaq

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March 28, 2011  11:04 AM ET

Forget about Bynum. The Celts won't even make it out of the East with Bobs Big Boy playing center. Does Shaq have man boobs yet?


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