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Harmon: Why McIlroy won't win Masters


11:49 AM ET 04.02 | Golf coach and pundit Butch Harmon says Rory McIlroy won't win the US Masters until his short game improves. Harmon told The Irish Times: "Rory hits the ball from right to left, so that's the good news," suggesting that McIlroy's draw shape off the tee will benefit him on several holes, "but I'm not sure his short game is of the quality of some of the other players."

Irish Times

Rory McIlroy, Stand Badz/US PGA TOUR/Getty Images Rory McIlroy, Stand Badz/US PGA TOUR/Getty Images
April 2, 2011  07:30 PM ET

Gee Butch you need a good short game to win the Masters?? What a revelation!!

April 2, 2011  08:26 PM ET

This article is worthy of spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Line your birdcage with it, another SI revelation. Good reporting guys, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

April 2, 2011  08:28 PM ET

I really need some Air Jordons now.

April 2, 2011  08:28 PM ET

I hear there's a sale on jersey's with only one sleeve!

April 2, 2011  08:31 PM ET

And shorts with only one leg!

April 2, 2011  08:34 PM ET

There's never any golf talk anymore so............................GO SPAM!! C;mon, show us what you got. Air Jordons's are getting old now so how about some Rolex's with only 11 numbers!!

April 2, 2011  08:36 PM ET

That's what I'm talkin' about, bring it on baby!!!

By the way SI, you really have difficulty running a website don't you? My 13 year old daughter could help you out you know.

April 2, 2011  08:36 PM ET

OK I'm done. I feel much better now!! :)

April 3, 2011  03:13 AM ET

Butch Harmon says Rory McIlroy won't win the US Masters how wrong he is Rory has a huge amount of talent and we have not seen the best yet

April 3, 2011  10:56 AM ET

It will be much more interesting and much more inflamatory when Butch says Tiger will never win another Masters. C"mon Butch do it ! Your an opportunistic and disloyal so and so but i would still love to see you go public with a comment like that ;-)

April 4, 2011  11:13 AM ET

This is getting worse by the day.

April 4, 2011  12:07 PM ET

very insightful Butch. I wonder if I have the credentials to be a "swing doctor"? or at least a "schwiiiing doctor".

April 4, 2011  07:08 PM ET

I'm channeling my inner Harmon. What's that he's saying? "Eldrick will never win another Masters"

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April 6, 2011  08:39 AM ET

Bcuz Lefty's playing

April 6, 2011  09:47 AM ET

there must be another story out there somewhere...after all isnt there a little tournament getting started soon...this has been stale for days.

April 6, 2011  01:36 PM ET

He's so hot :)

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