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Self responds to Selby's Vegas workout


08:24 AM ET 04.06 | Josh Selby's workout in Las Vegas raised more than a few eyebrows Tuesday, but not those of Bill Self. [Self] on Tuesday night commented about freshman Josh Selby traveling to Las Vegas this week to work out at Impact Basketball. "Josh went to Las Vegas with our permission to work out a few days to get a feel for where he'd potentially be [in 2011 NBA draft]. It's something we did not discourage. We are fine with it," Self said. "He has not declared [for the draft] nor is he committed to an agent. We said he could have a few days to get a better feel for where he is by working out with some folks in Vegas." Selby remains enrolled at KU. Self commented on the topic of Selby missing some class time this week. "As far as school work, he is OK there. He has put himself in a position he could afford to miss a few days."

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Josh Selby, Getty Images Josh Selby, Getty Images
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April 6, 2011  09:13 AM ET

"He has put himself in a position he could afford to miss a few days."

When I was in school I didn't care (or thought it mattered) whether I had put myself in a position to miss a few days or not. Guess that is why I was put on scholastic probation for a year!

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April 6, 2011  10:23 AM ET

He's one the D-I basketball team, of course he can afford to miss a few days, as if he hasn't already.

April 6, 2011  11:11 AM ET

The kid played one super game against USC, what did he done for KU in the big dance?

April 6, 2011  11:30 AM ET

I watched a lot of KU games this year and I don't think he's ready. He made horrible decisions and seemed like he was always pressing to try and make spectacular plays instead of running the offense.

April 6, 2011  02:08 PM ET

WOW!!! KU basketball has a lot of presteige! 8 posts in one day!!! Go on Bill Self, you rock!!

April 6, 2011  02:11 PM ET

WOW!!! KU basketball has a lot of presteige! 8 posts in one day!!! Go on Bill Self, you rock!!

At least they posted a pic of Selby and not Self hand-farting.

April 6, 2011  08:43 PM ET

I hope he won at the slots.

April 7, 2011  05:59 PM ET

Selby had a terrible year. He's not NBA-ready: he knows it, Self knows it, and everyone in KULand knows it. If he goes, he will get a nice check, and have a really good seat for NBA games. If he stays, he will improve his skills, and put himself in a position for a much nicer check in a year or two. If he stays, it will be good for him and the 'Hawks. If he leaves, he will hardly be missed since his contribution to the program to this point has been minimal. I am a lot more interested in what "The Morrii" decide to do. Don't be surprised if all of them decide to stay.


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