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Players hanging Rambis out, too


08:11 AM ET 04.14 | David Kahn started things Wednesday with a press conference during which Kurt Rambis' job status was immediately thrown into doubt. Wes Johnson and Kevin Love were given opportunities to put their support behind Rambis. Neither would bite. Johnson even seemed to welcome change. "We brought Anthony [Randolph] in here with open arms, so I think our group is very open to anything new," Johnson said. "I think we'll be fine." Love waffled when asked if Rambis' two years at the helm constituted a fair shot. Asked how he would assess Rambis in his exit meeting with owner Glen Taylor, Love again wouldn't go to bat for his coach. "He'll bring it up," Love said. "How I will answer that question depends on how he asks it and what he asks. When the time comes, I'll have an answer for him."

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April 14, 2011  08:15 AM ET

Bc he is an idiot of a coach....

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April 14, 2011  08:54 AM ET

You're going down with the ship, Bro.

April 14, 2011  08:57 AM ET

Do what you gotta do Love.

April 14, 2011  09:04 AM ET

With a lockout looming what coach in their right mind would come to Minny to coach those misfits?

Oh wait never mind - Next Town Larry Brown is available....

April 14, 2011  09:14 AM ET

Implementing the triangle offense without an MJ or a Kobe is not going to work. Since you can;t trade the whole team, you need a system that fits the players.

April 14, 2011  09:36 AM ET

I saw a grand total of two full wolves games That being said, just like the GS coaching thread yesterday......When management gives you square pegs to fit round holes, you simply have no shot at succeeding Rambis might be a bad he was a dead man walking from day 1

Yes, dead man walking .... Kahn did NOT hire Rambis till August! .... after the Draft would Rambis have wanted Rubio, Flynn (bad fit in the Triangle) traded the 18 pick, .... Did NOT run the team for the Summer league in Vegas ....

April 14, 2011  10:14 AM ET

The timberwolves aren't even the best team in MN. Im pretty sure the Lynx could be them..

April 14, 2011  10:32 AM ET

Don't think Minn has had success with any coaches so.......

April 14, 2011  11:29 AM ET

4 years ago the fans in Boston wanted Doc Rivers' head on a platter--Ainge makes the trade, and Rivers is a defensive genius. No coach is any better than his roster. Rambis sucks because his roster sucks. Period.

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April 14, 2011  01:25 PM ET

Rambis needs to go and Kevin Love needs to run like hell to a new team because Minn will never be a good team with the current people running it.

April 14, 2011  03:44 PM ET

The timberwolves aren't even the best team in MN. Im pretty sure the Lynx could be them..

Given the fact that the Lynx have been having MUCH better luck in the draft than their NBA counterparts, that's a pretty safe bet to make. In fact, given the sorry state of Twin Cities sports (save the Twins, who are still early in their marathon season), they might win their league title sooner than the Wolves...or even the Wild and Vikings.

April 14, 2011  04:50 PM ET

The one that really needs to go is Kahn! He's the one who brought in Rambis. He drafted three point guards in one night. He keeps looking for players who are long and athletic but for some reason couldn't make it on any other team. Rambis probably should go but on the top of the list should be KAHN!


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