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Angels consider sitting slumping Hunter


08:13 AM ET 04.22 | Despite a home run against the Red Sox, Torii Hunter is in the midst of a slump he says he's never been through. Thursday, in the throes of a three-for-36 skid that dropped his batting average to .208 before the opener of a four-game set against the Boston Red Sox, Hunter added an early round of batting practice. And when that session didn't progress as crisply as Hunter had hoped, he resorted to throwing his bat to the third base coach's box. ... Before the game, the Angels right fielder said, "I haven't been through it like this before," of a skid marked by 18 strikeouts in 18 games. "I'm trying to find my way out." Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said he has considered giving Hunter, 35, a day off because Hunter is throwing "his timing off, he has to get simple."

Los Angeles Times

Mike Scioscia, Getty Images Mike Scioscia, Getty Images
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April 22, 2011  12:23 PM ET

Thank God the Twins let him walk and didn't give in to his free agent contract demands.

April 22, 2011  01:25 PM ET

sounds like a Jeter story..plain and simple...they're done son....can't beat father time without PED's

April 22, 2011  02:02 PM ET

Torii is killing my Fantasy Squad...

Unfortunately, I also have Vern (Vernon Wells)...

The 2 of them combined are Flirting with the Mendoza Line...

April 22, 2011  03:14 PM ET

Yes give him some rest Mike. Even though he homered last night. Torii is pressing. Trying to hard.

April 22, 2011  07:30 PM ET

Torii is killing my Fantasy Squad...Unfortunately, I also have Vern (Vernon Wells)...The 2 of them combined are Flirting with the Mendoza Line...

I'll trade ya' a Jeter for him

April 22, 2011  07:55 PM ET

I'll trade ya' a Jeter for him

I think I have him too...

Gonna be a Long Year :-)

April 22, 2011  09:09 PM ET

it seems a if tori hunter its pressin way to hard to get any type of hits for his team but it won't happen unless he change his game plan, perhaps he should approach the home plate with more discipline and patience i had seen hunter come to the plate and swing right away at the very first pitch to me that's the worse mistake he can really do by been in a hurry and swing at the ball and not been selective it only make things worse, if mike csioscia bench him it will not do any good if hunter doesn't change his game plan!!!

April 22, 2011  09:15 PM ET

the pirates pick up brandon wood perhaps there this player will become a every day player without any type of pression after all at los angeles he never was able to overcome the hugh responsability as a thirbaseman, or any other position!!!

April 22, 2011  09:15 PM ET


April 22, 2011  09:26 PM ET

on the angels lineup the big guys like wells and abreu hunter have to step up and start to swing the bats better than the way those three have been doing its so weird that the small guys are doing better job than the big guys all in all those three big players should be ashame of themselves plain and simply

April 22, 2011  09:32 PM ET

maybe its time to explore another options like trade for another solid and productive player, the angels really need at least one conssistenly extra bat on their lineup if they really are serious about competition with their division and every other team!!!


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