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Martz: We didn't draft Enderle to be a third QB


08:00 AM ET 05.05 | Jay Cutler and Caleb Hanie will have to wait to talk to Mike Martz directly about his take on Chicago's depth chart. The Bears' quarterback room got a little more crowded after they selected Nathan Enderle out of Idaho in the fifth round. Matt Gutierrez, who played at Idaho State before signing as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots, also is on the Bears' roster. "We didn't draft [Enderle] to be the third quarterback," Martz said. "If that was the case, then there was no reason to draft a quarterback. You have to be good at that position to win, and one just isn't enough. We feel really good about Caleb, but what if Nate is better? Who knows? I don't know that he is or isn't."

Chicago Sun-Times

Jay Cutler, Getty Images Jay Cutler, Getty Images
May 5, 2011  08:02 AM ET

Sounds like someone is gunning for Jay's job already.

May 5, 2011  08:03 AM ET

Giving up on Cutler already?

May 5, 2011  08:05 AM ET

That's how a team is supposed to draft players...

You don't draft backups.

Otherwise... in three years, you have a bunch of backups.

Signed - Cowboys fan with keen knowledge of this silly philosophy

May 5, 2011  08:07 AM ET

A draft thread, eeeewwww. Meaningless dumpster for words....

May 5, 2011  08:08 AM ET

Cutler needs to watch his back...up

Comment #6 has been removed
May 5, 2011  08:22 AM ET

I'm tired of the Tebow finger-pointing picture, but they can show that one of Cutler getting strip-sacked as often as they like. It never gets old.

Heck, use that one for Tebow threads ... it'd be a huge improvement.

May 5, 2011  08:27 AM ET

Didn't they say last week that Mike Martz might be gone? Like they were too cheap to pay him what he's worth or something?

Look, if you say this at the start of training camp, then it's "motivation." Right now, though, with the players locked out and only the lawyers stuffing their pockets, all this does is make guys like Hanie (who played very well in relief of Cutler in the Packers game, as I recall) wonder about whether they're even going to give him a chance.

NOTE: the "stuffing their pockets" statement was only about money. I accept the likelihood that Rex and Fat Albert will be stuffing their own pockets at the Golden Corrall buffet.

May 5, 2011  08:31 AM ET

Bears must think Cuter quit on them in the playoffs as well.

May 5, 2011  08:35 AM ET


May 5, 2011  08:46 AM ET

If Cutler has to look behind him after the season he had, this ish could be personal..

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May 5, 2011  08:51 AM ET

Isn't it kind of unusual to have the OC of a team comment on the QB situation? He's not the decision maker.

May 5, 2011  08:52 AM ET

Is Mike Martz the Head Coach or is Lovie Smith?

May 5, 2011  08:53 AM ET

The bears back up's didnt look that great in the Championship against the Packers...

He did, however, look better than Cutler.

May 5, 2011  09:50 AM ET

A fifth round pick from Idaho? Even Cutler can laugh his **** off over that.

May 5, 2011  10:36 AM ET

Martz said it...not the coach...not the Gm

May 5, 2011  11:03 AM ET

That's how a team is supposed to draft players... You don't draft backups. Otherwise... in three years, you have a bunch of backups. Signed - Cowboys fan with keen knowledge of this silly philosophy

Alas poor Cowboy fan. I knew him well.

May 5, 2011  11:05 AM ET

Giving up on Cutler already?

Probably Todd Collins. He was terrible. If the league get as far as having training camps, Collins will compete with Enderle to see who gets to hold a cup of Gatorade for whomever hold the clipboard.

May 5, 2011  11:08 AM ET

My guess since they didn't get any O-Line help they figure there going to need a good supply of QB's since they may get whacked alot this year


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