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Spoelstra mulls benching a starter


08:07 AM ET 05.09 | Lineups may be a changnin' for Erik Spoelstra. After deflecting the subject of a lineup change several times amid his team's uneven starts to games this postseason, Spoelstra offered a more evenhanded response Sunday. Asked about his team consistently playing from behind with a starting lineup that this postseason has featured point guard Mike Bibby and center Zydrunas Ilgauskas flanking LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, Spoelstra said, "I'm looking at everything right now and I'll continue to look at that for the next day." He followed up by saying of the team's practice session at Emerson College, "We walked through quite a different amount of situations, different lineups."


Dwyane Wade, Getty Images Dwyane Wade, Getty Images
May 9, 2011  08:13 AM ET

Let's not start with the "trust issues." Look where it got the Lakers.

May 9, 2011  08:14 AM ET


May 9, 2011  08:16 AM ET

I'm guessing the benching will be limited to one spot... maybe two.

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May 9, 2011  08:21 AM ET

Joel Anthony is better than KG so it's no sursprise that he'll get the star over the HOF Zydrunas Ilgauskas. =)

can only hope.

May 9, 2011  08:32 AM ET

The Heat are not 6-2 in the playoffs because of the starting lineup. They are 6-2 in the playoffs despite the starting lineup.

I might have to start worryin' if the Cs even the series up tonight. But, I certainly don't need to start with "trust issues" myself.

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May 9, 2011  08:36 AM ET

It will be a terrible mistake to play Rondo tonight. His arm needs to heal big-time. I'm gonna' have to reach out to Doc today about that. :)

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May 9, 2011  08:39 AM ET

He is a liability on the defensive end as I pointed out earlier and if not scorer he serves no purpose on the court.

Although he showed a little flash of his former self in scoring, I agree.

May 9, 2011  08:48 AM ET

LOL! well I hope the heat dont have a Epic collapse....

May 9, 2011  08:52 AM ET

LOL! well I hope the Celtics dont have an Epic collapse....


May 9, 2011  08:54 AM ET

Damn... I used to hate the Celtics so bad... but then now the Heat became my most hated team in the NBA and I was actually cheering for the Celtics......

May 9, 2011  08:55 AM ET

Big-Z starting its just LOL.....

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May 9, 2011  08:58 AM ET

Wow, loose one game and now you need to change your starting unit. Great coaching. How about doing some coaching during the game. YOu let a one arm pg beat you when all you had to do is trap or force to the left. C's ties the series, and steal the next in Miami.

May 9, 2011  08:58 AM ET

he Heat???s starting lineup finally dug a hole the team couldn???t climb out of. For the sixth straight game, the starting unit of Mike Bibby and Zydrunas Ilgauskas next to the Big Three was outscored by the opponent, this time by a whopping 19 points in just 10 minutes of action.Nineteen points in 10 minutes. That drops the unit's playoff plus-minus to an NBA-low minus-69, meaning the starting lineup has been outscored by 69 points while on the floor.The shooting proficiencies of Bibby and Ilgauskas, which have been completely absent in the playoffs ??? were supposed to space the floor and open up the driving lanes for the Heat???s Big Three to penetrate and go to work. But that hasn???t been the case. In fact, it???s been quite the opposite. Bibby has shot 7-for-28 (25 percent) from beyond the arc in the playoffs, while Ilgauskas has shot 3-for-8 on long 2s. Combined, the two are a horrific 12-for-48 (25 percent) beyond 15 feet in the playoffs. When Bibby and Ilgauskas aren???t hitting their shots, they serve very little purpose on the offensive end because they can't, at this stage in their careers, create their own shots. The inaccuracies are particularly damaging because Ilgauskas and Bibby are toxic as defenders on the other end of the floor. Yes, the Heat understood they???d have to hide the two veterans on defense, but the truth is that the offense has been just as disastrous. The Heat have been giving Anthony starter's minutes every game, so the issue isn???t playing time. It???s a matter of timing. The heat have to send out their best 5 vs Boston's best 5. But Erick Dampier, a larger body to push Shaq out of the paint, may be the stronger battery off the bench in that situation. Whatever the case is, the Heat can hide Ilgauskas or Dampier during 10 minutes against the Celtics' second unit rather than against Boston's best. The Heat are not 6-2 in the playoffs because of the starting lineup. They are 6-2 in the playoffs despite the starting lineup.

shhhh Dee! dont let the secret out lol

May 9, 2011  09:03 AM ET

Rondo with 1 arm is better than Bibby with 2.

I know one thing Rondo just became a legend in Celtics folklore!. They are going to be talking about him for a long time!


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