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Hawks' concerns go beyond GM, Crawford


08:07 AM ET 05.13 | Changes are a fact of the offseason, but the Hawks enter a season of particular uncertainty. Among the primary questions for the Hawks this offseason are the status of Rick Sund and guard Jamal Crawford. Also, the Hawks' ownership group has enlisted a firm to search for potential buyers or investors. Sund's contract is ending and the team's ownership has not commented on his status. Crawford can become a free agent in July, though it's expected that owners will lock out players when the labor deal expires on June 30. Crawford sought a contract extension from the Hawks last summer but was rebuffed.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jamal Crawford, Getty Images Jamal Crawford, Getty Images
May 13, 2011  08:16 AM ET

Their problem is that they a good PG....A la Steve Nash and they need to run freaking more....

May 13, 2011  08:25 AM ET

It doesn't matter what this team does. They are cursed.

Whatever witch doctor Nique went to, he is worth his weight in gold.

May 13, 2011  08:33 AM ET

Lockout! Lockout! Lockout!

We can only hope!

May 13, 2011  08:41 AM ET

They need a big man. A good center who can hold the fort. Bring Motumbo back or something

May 13, 2011  08:54 AM ET

They will get rid of Crawfish. His best days are behind him. He looked like a dear in headlights last couple of games.

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May 13, 2011  09:16 AM ET

Word to the wise: When opportunity knocks, you can't be in the shower. The Hawks made the biggest mistake they could have made by passing on Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the draft--either would probably have put their fishing trip on hold for awhile.

May 13, 2011  09:18 AM ET

I see Josh Smith finally getting traded out of ATL.... use him to get a solid Center and big things can happen for this team.

....and that "solid center" would be?

May 13, 2011  09:29 AM ET

Way to lay an egg, Bros.

May 13, 2011  10:56 AM ET

Crawford is the only good player from their bench. I say re-sign him and trade hinrich and Marvin Williams. By next season Teague will be their starting PG and they should use their speed. Either way they will still be a 2nd round team at best

May 13, 2011  12:39 PM ET

They need to trade Marvin Williams. His stats have continued to drop every year. ATL could use him to get a Center. It would be nice, but I doubt ATL could get Steve nash. they could try offering Hinrich, but that would be a temporary solution at best. What they really need is a Center to shift Al horford to his more comfortable power forward position.

May 13, 2011  04:08 PM ET

The Hawks remind me of a family with a mini van with over 200k miles on it to cheap to buy a new one!

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May 13, 2011  09:48 PM ET

Josh Smith for Kaman?

I've been harping on this for AGES. Smith NEEDS TO GO along with Marvin.

I hope we can get Kaman, as injured as he is, he's still wayyy better than Smith with this continued immaturity. I'm done with Josh man.

Anyone can have marvin for a bag of chips please.

May 14, 2011  06:54 PM ET

You just gotta have the touch:


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