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K-Rod trade becomes more likely


08:15 AM ET 05.26 | Considered by some to be an immovable object, Francisco Rodriguez might be willing to help change that. Rodriguez's $17.5 million vesting option, activated for 2012 if the closer finishes 55 games this year, is commonly seen as an albatross, a major drag on Rodriguez's trade value. But for a variety of reasons, the clause is not as problematic as it seems. ... The closer's open-mindedness will help: Although Rodriguez has a clause blocking trades to ten undisclosed teams, a source close to him said that he will consider any potential deal that is presented to him. Rodriguez is also open to waiving the vesting option in the event an acquiring team wants to negotiate a multi-year extension, the source said.

New York Daily News

Francisco Rodriguez,  Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Francisco Rodriguez, Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
May 26, 2011  08:50 AM ET

Of course he will agree to a deal where he can he get a multi year contract extension. Duh.

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May 26, 2011  10:17 AM ET

It's not in his best interest, vesting option or not, to be restricted to 54 games for the Mets. He's playing for another contract now. People get very open minded in a contract year when their value has been compromised.

May 26, 2011  10:30 AM ET

This is weird seeing a NY team be sellers....

May 26, 2011  12:00 PM ET

"But for a variety of reasons, the clause is not as problematic as it seems. ... The closer's open-mindedness will help"

Open-mindedness? Apparently open minded enough to consider beating up his girl friend's dad.

May 26, 2011  01:07 PM ET

Good! Get lost! EVERYBODY jump off the ship now that it is clearly sinking! MILK ME!!

May 26, 2011  01:28 PM ET

In the words of Micheal Ray Richardson "the ship be sink'in"

May 26, 2011  01:43 PM ET

This is weird seeing a NY team be sellers....

Atleast the Mets have some pieces that folks are willing to buy this year...

May 26, 2011  03:07 PM ET

hope his father in law doesn't break the news to him when it happens

May 26, 2011  03:47 PM ET

uhhhhhhhh, he doesn't appear to be worth large dollar signs .... but there is always a sucker team willing and ready to throw away good money..... Dodgers anyone? Oh, wait....they can barely meet payroll .... nevermind

May 26, 2011  04:22 PM ET

11 posts since 8:50 am: The Mets are dead

May 26, 2011  04:25 PM ET

Reporter: What do you think is happening to the team?

Richardson: The ship be sinking.

Reporter: How far can it sink?

Richardson: Sky's the limit.

May 26, 2011  07:26 PM ET

mets should trade the whole team after that they can use as many minor leaguers!!

May 26, 2011  09:34 PM ET

And to get out of New York as well

You're an idiot..

May 26, 2011  11:36 PM ET

The Mets are pathetic

May 27, 2011  10:46 AM ET

Long live the Phillies

May 27, 2011  10:47 AM ET

Go Phillies


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