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Would Vince be happy in Miami?


08:49 AM ET 06.05 | An associate emphasized how appealing the Dolphins would be to Vince Young if Tennessee cuts him as expected, and he's not out of the question for Miami. But one official who has spoken with the Dolphins said there's concern about whether Young would be happy as a backup if Chad Henne beat him out.

Miami Herald

Vince Young, Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Vince Young, Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
June 5, 2011  08:52 AM ET

Duh! How happy was he as a backup in Tennessee? Probably have another suicide watch if Henne beat him out.

June 5, 2011  09:01 AM ET

"An associate" should get the point across to VY that any job is better than none.

June 5, 2011  09:04 AM ET

Henne could beat out VY for the starting job? Good grief! That would be a heck of an accomplishment.

June 5, 2011  09:05 AM ET

Even if Henne loses the starter's job, chances are pretty good he'll get it back eventually. Plus, having VY on the roster might not be bad for job security... a GM an coach wouldn't be doing their jobs if they didn't plan around a VY meltdown.

June 5, 2011  09:19 AM ET

"An Associate" - who just happens to get 3 to 5% commission on Vince's Contract - says "He'll play anywhere"...

Miami makes sense - cause Henne gets no Love.

Jets should take a Flyer - Brunell should be retiring and Rex would Love the attention. Too bad they already did Hard Knocks.

June 5, 2011  09:36 AM ET

He'll be happy in Minnesota. where he will be handing it off to A.P.

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June 5, 2011  09:55 AM ET

I really don't see VY being "happy" anywhere.

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June 5, 2011  10:29 AM ET

Vince has to be happy in his own head first

June 5, 2011  10:50 AM ET

I don't think Vince Young is stupid....I know He is!

June 5, 2011  11:21 AM ET

At a Perez Hilton fest I see...

Yeah - go to Miami.

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June 5, 2011  12:46 PM ET

Who is Henne's back up?

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June 5, 2011  01:15 PM ET

Caption: "My Wonderlic score was this many fingers".

June 5, 2011  01:50 PM ET

I'll be really fired up if that clown ends up playing for Miami.


June 5, 2011  01:59 PM ET

Jeez I've never seen so many **** bash and talk about this guy so badly, All this talk about bein a headcase and being stupid and on and on.. Where ever this guy goes I hope he does well. I was a Tennessee fan and I've seen what he's capable of, all that matters in this sport is a championship. Who cares if he's a headcase and throws a few tantrums..we're all human. So if all Vince wants to do is win a championship then to me he's got his head on right. and Fisher is one of the most over rated coaches in NFL history. Ya I said it, let's see what clowns disagree with me. bahaha

June 5, 2011  02:02 PM ET

Who cares if he's a headcase and throws a few tantrums..we're all human.

You would have made a good defense attorney for Charlie Manson and John Wayne Gacy(speaking of clowns).

Vince Young lacks the maturity to be a pro player in any sport, let alone being a pro NFL QB.

June 5, 2011  02:06 PM ET

He would be happy in Miami for sure, lots of nice places for him to attempt to commit suicide.


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