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NHL consulted Burke on Rome, Canucks furious


08:29 AM ET 06.08 | There were a number of reasons Vancouver had a problem with Aaron Rome's suspension, beyond the obvious loss in the lineup. For starters was Mike Murphy's admission that he consulted with Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke, a former NHL disciplinarian, before arriving at his decision. The mere mention of Burke's name elicits anger from the Canucks, because his relationship with team owner Francesco Aquilini is toxic. ... Privately, the Canucks were stupefied that the NHL's senior vice president of hockey operations would admit to that conflict of interest, given that he is only in charge of supplemental discipline in this series because of a conflict of interest. ... "Nothing surprises me anymore," one official said when asked about conflicts of interest in the NHL head office.

The Globe and Mail

Brian Burke, Getty Images Brian Burke, Getty Images
June 8, 2011  08:41 AM ET

If I hate the suspend yesterday, I really loathe it now.

June 8, 2011  08:42 AM ET

If I hated the suspend yesterday, I really loathe it now.


The typo doesn't change the way I feel about this....

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June 8, 2011  09:15 AM ET

"Nothing surprises me any more," one official said when asked about conflicts of interest in the NHL head office.

That kind of sums it up right there, eh?

June 8, 2011  09:21 AM ET

need a big overhaul at the home office.
Kill The cap
kill the dwarf

June 8, 2011  09:22 AM ET

That is wrong, even from a Bruins' fan perspective. I could have seen a 1-2 game suspension, but think 4 is a bit much. I also have a problem with the precedent being set concerning using the severity of the injury as a barometer for the severity of the suspension. That being said, the Canucks should be very happy with trade-off, top line player, second on the team in scoring for a 7th D-man

June 8, 2011  09:27 AM ET

Why consult another GM. That is an epic fail by the NHL. That's a joke. I don't care about the suspension, I care that the league is asking other GM's what they should do. If the NHL wants Burke to decide suspensions, have him leave the Leafs (I know I know, it would take the fun out for most of us). Burke is brought in by the NHL on a lot of circumstances that have nothing to do with his team and that is just plain stupid, or I guess par for the course for the NHL.

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June 8, 2011  10:04 AM ET

This is absolutely atrocious. This NHL's a bigger joke than I could ever hope to come up with.

June 8, 2011  10:11 AM ET

Next thing they'll consult the NFL on disciplinary actions.

June 8, 2011  10:11 AM ET

This is for Hank. I hope Boston hasn't angered these two too much.

That is deeeeeeestirbinggggggggg.

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June 8, 2011  10:21 AM ET

Why hire a guy that can't make the proper decisions himself? What are they paying him for? I don't care about who he asked or what teams he may of been a part of in the just looks like you can't do your own job. Why does the NHL have such a problem with discipline? You just need to treat every single player the same regardless of star power or time of the year and do the job properly....whether you're a first time offender or a repeat offender are the only things that should be taken into account on punishing players and then just interpret the rules you have in place and make a decision, it really shouldn't be this hard. This looks really amateurish and bush league on the part of a supposed professional organization.

1) Severity of penalty...(how badly did this player break the rules? Are we talking McSorely chop to the head or something a little tamer?)
2) Career criminal or first time offender (Are we talking Matt Cooke or a Sedin Sister?)
3) Where does this fit in terms of what we've done in the past? (Take similar plays or penalties and compare length and severity of the incident + career criminal vs. one time thing)

See how simple it could be?? But instead we get nothing one time and the same play by a lesser player gets him 4-5 games?? How is this a way to run a pro league?

June 8, 2011  10:28 AM ET

When are the Canucks not furious? Whine, whine, whine.

June 8, 2011  10:47 AM ET

All this fuss over an AHL defenceman while Horton sits and eats through a straw wondering if he'll ever play again. Who gives a rats a$% who talked to who? Vancouver has already gotten away with two suspendable offences, Torres and Burrows and now they pay the piper. Vancouver are almost as big of whiners as Montreal and that's a real accomplishment. And if you want me to pipe in on Chara's hit on Pacioretty like I know the mentally challenged will, he should have gotten 5 games minimum!

June 8, 2011  11:12 AM ET

I'm really trying to muster up some sympathy for the Canucks, but.........................Still really, really trying..................................................Nope, can't do it.

Ya, I know. Breaking my heart..

I was hoping Colin Campbell had been consulted but The Burke makes it even better.

Perfect in fact.

June 8, 2011  11:13 AM ET

This is for Hank. I hope Boston hasn't angered these two too much.

I was racing around on my Big Wheel, that would scare the crap out of me!!!!


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