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Twins dismiss Mauer rumors


08:54 AM ET 06.12 | f there is a mystery ailment other than the leg weakness and sore shoulder that have sidelined Twins all-star catcher Joe Mauer for two months, club President Dave St. Peter said he's not aware of it. Speculation continues as to what has prolonged Mauer's return to the lineup, all without proof. "There are a lot of closet doctors out there," St. Peter said. "I trust our doctors. I expect (Mauer) will be back relatively soon."

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Joe Mauer, Icon SMI Joe Mauer, Icon SMI
June 12, 2011  09:15 AM ET

Mystery ailment describes this sad season...

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June 12, 2011  09:20 AM ET

You have to give the roids time to be effective.Be patient.

that's the problem...or lack there of...

June 12, 2011  10:57 AM ET

Roids take a long time to clear out of your system.....

June 12, 2011  01:22 PM ET

Hope this guy regains his old form. I have a feeling that his best days (as an offensive catcher) are behind him.

Hopefully I'm wrong.

June 12, 2011  03:31 PM ET

Mystery ailment describes this sad season...

Actually it's not a mystery. Maur is suffering from two injuries from the offseason. 1 is playstation leg- where u sit Indian style for to long causing dead leg and knee popping.
The other was his body is rejecting head and shoulders - not because he's allergic to something in the product but that it saw how stupid the commercials are and kicks himself everytime one airs.

June 12, 2011  03:34 PM ET

I know they like Matt Capps a lot, but I bet they wish they had Wilson Ramos back.

June 12, 2011  03:36 PM ET

"Well payed Mauer" that commercial

June 12, 2011  05:27 PM ET

This guy reminds me more and more of Greg Oden plus he has a guaranteed contract.

June 12, 2011  05:52 PM ET

Mauer is not and was not on steroids. What this situation highlights is the impossibility for small market teams to hold onto star players. The Twins are now utterly scr*w*d with $184 million owed to a player who may well never be effective again. The Yankees and the Red Sox can afford to make these mistakes, the Twins cannot. If Mauer recovers to some degree and is at least an average player the Twins will end up trading him to someone like the Yankees and eating half of his contract. (See A-Roid and the Rangers) The easiest solution - limit contracts to 4 years.

June 12, 2011  10:56 PM ET

I would post here but unfortunately... I will be taking my talents to South Beach ....


June 12, 2011  11:35 PM ET

Joe Mauer has to be the most overrated player in MLB...even before he decided to emulate Moreanu and take the season off. The most quiet .300 hitter in baseball history...nothing but singles. Where is the defensive whiz he was hyped to be? No where. The Twins should have grown a spine and traded him when his contract was up knowing they had Ramos at the very minimum to take over. No one guy is more important than the team. Yet, now we have two guys who are sitting and collecting paychecks....

June 13, 2011  02:28 AM ET

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June 13, 2011  08:41 AM ET

This guy reminds me more and more of Greg Oden plus he has a guaranteed contract.

Ouch. And he gets the kid-gloves treatment from our pansy coaching staff; what's that Joe? You want to keep playing catcher? Whatever you say, boss. --Ron G.

June 13, 2011  09:00 AM ET

Is it possible...just possible, that he is a) hurt, b) clean of steroids, c) going to return to form, or d) all of the above. Post on this site are ridiculous. It's a contest to see who can post first, who can be the wittiest, and/or can make the most outrageous claims.

I am not a Twins fan, but I am a baseball fan, and Joe Mauer is a class act. He could have taken more money from a team like the Yankees, Red Sox or Angels, but he chose to stay with his hometown team for less money. He has been one of the most consistent hitters in baseball over the past 5 years - at any position. His days as a full-time catcher may be over, but he is far from done as a player.

June 13, 2011  10:36 AM ET

His days as a full-time catcher may be over, but he is far from done as a player.

There's no sign that this is the case...that's not speculation. It's quotes directly from Joe and Gardenhire/Smith. Which is why he's rehabbing in Florida as a catcher. He will not give it up anytime soon, and come hell or high water, the Twins will grant his wish.

June 13, 2011  05:24 PM ET

Speculation? I'd rather he takes his time & comes back 100% and preserve his legs. For you whiners that say he breaking the Twins, GET OVER IT. He spends time on the DL every year 4 his bad legs, its part of the game. Would you rather see him hit .340 & play in another uniform? No. He'll come off the DL & show ye of little faith its not how u start, its how you finish!


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