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Morris dreams of playing for Sixers


07:59 AM ET 06.16 | Dreams may come true for Markieff Morris. "As I got older and watched A.I., I definitely did [dream of playing for Sixers]," he said, referring to Allen Iverson. Morris could be a week from fulfilling that dream. He was one of five players to work out for the Sixers on Wednesday in advance of the NBA draft next Thursday. The Sixers have the 16th pick, and there are some mock drafts that have the Sixers selecting the 6-foot-10, 245-pound forward out of Kansas. Morris is the twin brother of Marcus Morris, who is projected to go a little higher in the draft. Marcus, who's an inch shorter and seven minutes younger, is known more as a scorer. Markieff, however, seems to fit more of what the Sixers need from a big man -- size, rebounding and hustle.

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Markieff Morris, Icon Sports Markieff Morris, Icon Sports
June 16, 2011  08:10 AM ET

#1. Bro, your dream may become a nightmare, Philly isn't good.

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June 16, 2011  08:46 AM ET

I hope these twins are the second coming of the "Grants" or "Lopez" and not the "Collins"...

June 16, 2011  09:16 AM ET

Whaever they're listed at, you can knock ff an inch or twoThat being said, not a bad pck in the mid teens

from the NBA Draft Combine: Measurements ...

Height without shoes / Height with shoes / Weight /Wingspan / Standing reach / Body fat % / Hand length / Hand width ...

Marcus Morris 6'7'' / 6'8.75'' / 229.6 / 6'10'' / 8'9.5'' / 8.0 / 8.3 / 8.5 ...

Markieff Morris 6'7.75'' / 6'9.25'' / 240.8 / 6'10.75'' / 8'10.5'' / 10.2 / 8.5 / 8.3 ..

June 16, 2011  09:43 AM ET

Size matters, Bro.

June 16, 2011  09:59 AM ET

Size matters, Bro.

That's true Little Jack

June 16, 2011  10:03 AM ET


June 16, 2011  10:52 AM ET

Does he know that if he played for the 76ers with Iverson on the team. That Allen would never have passed the ball to him. And if he did, Iverson would want the ball passed right back to him.

June 16, 2011  11:00 AM ET

New series I'm working on...

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June 16, 2011  01:57 PM ET


But not by much.

Pretty much ALL players are measured with their shoes on.

You can take an inch to an inch and a half off the height of every player in the NBA and college and you'll be closer to teir true height.

June 16, 2011  01:58 PM ET

This guy dreams small.

My initial thought when I saw the thread title.

June 16, 2011  04:37 PM ET

You guys that said he dreams small obviously know nothing about this guy. He comes from south jersey so the sixers are obviously his hometown team. Getting to play for your hometown team in front of family, friends, and anyone who knew him is anyone's dream that is an athlete. To him that is not dreaming small, but rather the best situation he could be placed in from a comfort standpoint.

June 16, 2011  04:38 PM ET

You guys who said he dreams small are idiots. You oviously don't know that the guy comes from South Jersey and the Sixers would be his hometown team. To be able to play for your hometown team in front of family, friends, or anyone that knew him would not be dreaming small for an athlete from a comfort standpoint. If he grew up watching this team then this is the best possible situation for him in his mind because it gives him the opportunity to add and become part of a long, rich history that the Sixers possess. Who are we to say the man is dreaming small?

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June 17, 2011  09:29 AM ET

I dreamed about playing for the Celtics when I was young, but did that happen? UUMMMM, NO!!!!

are you serious, dude?

June 19, 2011  08:11 PM ET

Morris would be a good pick up for Philly. He is a great player who just needs a little honing on some of his skills. He can shoot and rebound well and this team has some great young talent. Sixers would be very smart to pick him up. Plus he is a local philly guy who would draw interest of an interesting sort. Last time the sixers had a great local philly guy was the great and all powerfull Wilt Chamberlain (and also Arizin). Bring Morris in.

June 19, 2011  11:43 PM ET

Actually Newjerzswag they are from North Philly...Take this kid , get iggy bum **** outta here get ellis and grab Oden...Startin 5 ...holliday, ellis, turner, oden and lou, meeks, thad and morris coming off the bench..brand has bout 1 or 2 years left tops...morris is already ready now...thad is not a starter sorry...Everybody knows you need a bench in this league...


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