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Cavs prefer Knight over Irving?


08:09 AM ET 06.20 | Whether Cleveland is blowing smoke remains to be seen, but the Cavaliers are certainly adding some intrigue to the top of the draft. When Cavs coach Byron Scott began installing the Princeton offense early last season, he made it clear one of the biggest keys to its success was intelligent players running the system. It's hard to find anyone brighter than Kentucky freshman Brandon Knight, which perhaps is one of the reasons the Cavs are considering Knight with the fourth overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft. ... Barring a trade that would net them the top two picks, the candidates for the No. 1 pick would seem to be Irving and Arizona forward Derrick Williams. If the Cavs pass on Irving and select Williams, they could come back and take Knight with the fourth pick.

Akron Beacon Journal

Brandon Knight, Icon Sports Brandon Knight, Icon Sports
June 20, 2011  08:11 AM ET

How about the Bogut to Minny rumor going around?

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June 20, 2011  08:36 AM ET

Irving seems to me as lemon car, what cavs need is a real cerebral both on offense and defense... then again nobodys perfect on picking jst smart choice...

June 20, 2011  08:40 AM ET

Decisions, decisions.........

June 20, 2011  09:01 AM ET

If so, this is the smartest move the Cavs will make.. Get Williams at #1 and Knight or Walker and #4. Skip Irving...

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June 20, 2011  09:32 AM ET

If Gilbert is smart he'll pass on Irving. This kid missed most of last season and a shoot first point guard isn't what the Cavs need. If I was the GM I'd pick Knight.

June 20, 2011  09:40 AM ET

Let's get it right, Bros.

June 20, 2011  09:42 AM ET

Brandon Knight is over rated he isnt a true point guard and he isnt overly athletic. I would stick with Ramon Sessions over this kid. If I were the Cavs Id take Derrick Williams number 1 and Enes Kanter number 4 and build around those 2 J.J. Hickson and Sessions.

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June 20, 2011  10:08 AM ET

Take Derrick Williams #1 and Brandon Knight #4. That could be the smartest decision since LeBron...

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June 20, 2011  10:11 AM ET

Just sayin....if you're picking #1.....why do you need smokescreens?

to drive the price of the pick down down....

June 20, 2011  10:12 AM ET

There is a reason Kyrie Irving is number 1 on every freaking mock draft board. Don't get cute Cavs.

Exactly. The kid (irving) is the best PG talent in many years and could be one of the best PG's in the league in a short year or two. The kid is big, fast, a great passer, and a terrific shooter, he has no weakness in his game. The only weakness he has is that there isn't enough tape to evaluate him on for the pure experts, he sat out the year at duke because he didn't want to hurt his number 1 draft status, but as a Duke fan let me say when he did play he was dynamic and electrifying. Irving is not the typical duke product, he was always a one and done kind of guy and K hates recruiting them. CLE, take Irving one or regret it for years to come and if you are desperate for Williams, make a trade for him at the 2 spot. Irving is number 1 on every draft board for the simple reason that he is the best player in the draft, if CLE takes williams over him, they are foolish and will never return to the promised land. Irving, the fourth pick, and next year getting Harrison barnes should be the goals for CLE to rebuild and if they can turn the fourth pick into williams via trade somehow, then even better for CLE, but passing on Irving would be a mistake and a big one.

June 20, 2011  10:16 AM ET

Take Derrick Williams #1 and Brandon Knight #4. That could be the smartest decision since LeBron...

Derrick Williams #1, Enes Kanter at four....

Resign B. Davis for cheap.

June 20, 2011  10:23 AM ET

Amateur drafts are always a crap shoot. Players picked at number one do not always turn out to be superstars. I think any of the big four (Irving, Williams, Kanter and Knight) could turn out to be the gem of the draft. Leonard may be the steal of the draft.

It isn't just amateur drafts, it's every board from to and everywhere else in between. I think Irving, Williams, Kanter and Knight will all be good NBA players and all starters, but Irving is the one of the group that could be a legit superstar and franchise player. Don't get too cute CLE and overthink things, just take Irving and kanter or if you want to trade up badly enough, get Irving and Williams.

June 20, 2011  10:29 AM ET

If so, this is the smartest move the Cavs will make.. Get Williams at #1 and Knight or Walker and #4. Skip Irving...

Totally agree. Love Williams and Knight. Don't like guys with foot problems and that appears to be the issue with Irving.

June 20, 2011  10:43 AM ET

i do not see why Cavs fans want Williams, he's a pf and that's the only position where we already have a young guy with some promise. Not to mention Williams didn't test out to be as athletic as previously thought, he's no Blake Griffin or anything.

And for those that say Irving is a shoot first pg, SO IS KNIGHT so that's not an argument to take one over the other. Difference is Irving turned it over less and shot much better. If the Cavs take anyone but Irving i feel they'll regret it


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