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Davey's hire was years in the making


08:11 AM ET 06.27 | Davey Johnson is back in the bigs, immediately becoming one of the game's most successful active managers. [The] Nationals' fortune, in having Johnson at the ready, was almost certainly more than dumb luck. When Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo brought him on board as a special assistant in Nov. 2009, not long after Riggleman had been made the full-time manager, Rizzo's respect and affection for Johnson was obvious. Hiring Johnson, Rizzo said at the time, "is huge for me. He has a brilliant baseball mind." Whether it was ever said or not, it was understood: If the Nationals ever got in a bind, they might be able to turn to Johnson. The biggest question with Johnson was whether he wanted to manage in the big leagues again.

The Washington Post

Ivan Rodriguez, Getty Images Ivan Rodriguez, Getty Images
June 27, 2011  08:15 AM ET

I wouldn't be surprised if he only manages thru to the end of the season. I would be really surprised if he is managing in 2013. However, he will be a big part of the assessment process for the Nats young players.

June 27, 2011  08:43 AM ET

"Davey Johnson is back in the bigs, immediately becoming one of the game's most successful active managers."

Does the writer realize just how long ago it was that he was successful? He hasn't managed in 10 years for a reason. I just don't understand the penchant for major league sports to continually recycle old managers and coaches. For every opening you just seem to hear the same names being mentioned.

June 27, 2011  11:40 AM ET

Personally I think Johnson will be there for only the remainder of this year at the most. He's a good baseball man and should help with the development of some of the younger guys. Riggleman really shot himself in the foot. At least in the one he hasn't put in his mouth. If he stayed he could have taken, and gotten, credit for the improvement in this team even if Rizzo didn't pick up his option next year. If that happened you can be your last nickel he would have been given a big contract to manage another team. Now.............I don't think anybody is going to hire a guy who throws a tantrum and says "give me what I want or I'm not getting on the plane for the game tomorrow".

Nats pitching is looking really good............hitting is inconsistent but I can hope for continued improvement next year. Werth can't be this bad again even if he tried and Harper may get in by mid-season next year.

June 27, 2011  12:50 PM ET

If Davey Johnson's hire was "years in the making", then I guess Jim Riggleman was right when he suspected that he was not in Rizzo's long-term plans.

June 27, 2011  01:30 PM ET

"Does the writer realize just how long ago it was that he was successful?

Writers these days don't let small details like that get in the way of their Story :-)

Atleast it wasn't Bobby V.

June 27, 2011  06:22 PM ET

by the 2012 strasburg will be more than ready to be on the rotation for he's new manager!!

June 27, 2011  06:41 PM ET

could the dodgers be able to win their division pennant? or perhaps san diego padres could surprise everybody!!

June 27, 2011  06:42 PM ET

would the braves play catch and get to the playoff race through the wild card again????

June 27, 2011  06:44 PM ET

does anybody knows if the angels are contenders or pretenders? could they arise from nowhere if at all??

June 27, 2011  06:46 PM ET

the mariners do have great rotation, all they really need its a better manager and a better hitting coach!!

June 27, 2011  06:47 PM ET

it seems as if the red sox have cool off for the last three games or so!!!

June 27, 2011  06:48 PM ET

the florida will need to hire another manager or at least and assistant to help their already new manager M!!

June 27, 2011  06:51 PM ET

those mets where blowing heat this past weekend after they swept the rangers it looks like the team its playing on full speed!!!

June 27, 2011  06:54 PM ET

the rockies love to be very inconssistent on every other game, they may have the right players one game and on the next game they all look like a bunch of minor leaguers~~!!!!!

June 27, 2011  11:11 PM ET

Yeah, I remember the last time Old Davey had him a bunch of young guys. Those late 80's Mets, let's see, now what happened with them? Oh yeah, two guys snorted insane amounts of cocaine (Strawberry and Gooden) and now Dykstra is in legal trouble every week. Sure, let's turn Strasburg and Harper over to him. He'll teach them the good stuff.


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