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The most despised owner in sports


08:09 AM ET 07.05 | Like politics, distaste for a sports owner is often local, though some owners transcend geography for all sorts of reasons -- some good, some bad. In 30 years with him as the owner, Donald Sterling's Clippers have had a winning season all of twice. Sterling's poor ownership has turned the Clippers into the punchline of any NBA joke (not involving LeBron James). Sterling is notoriously frugal when it comes to his players and front office, rarely giving out any large contracts -- and in the rare instances that he did, he gave those contracts to the wrong players. But simply owning a bad team isn't quite enough to get you on this list. Sterling has made many, many more missteps that demonstrated how he should have no business owning a pro sports team.

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Donald Sterling, Getty Images Donald Sterling, Getty Images
July 5, 2011  08:18 AM ET

Sterling doesn't measure "winning" seasons by wins/losses. Rather, it is profits/losses. And this guy moved the franchise too. Why anyone would pay a dime to attend Clippers games or buy Clippers merch is beyond my understanding. This guy is the worst owner the NBA has.

July 5, 2011  08:29 AM ET

When is Stern going to step in a demand better?

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July 5, 2011  08:55 AM ET

No doubt he's amongst the worst, but the clups have been the worst franchise in pro sports for 20+ years

Nah my Raptors is the No.1

July 5, 2011  08:57 AM ET

Peter Angelos. End of discussion.

July 5, 2011  09:00 AM ET

you can't fix or regulate stupid............

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July 5, 2011  09:18 AM ET

The issue isn't winning or lack thereof, it's lack of desire to win. Sterling isn't even trying. He's just putting a team out there and selling tickets. The expired CBA requires something like a 75% minimum of salary cap spending. Perhaps its time to raise this floor.

July 5, 2011  09:30 AM ET

How on earth is Al Davis not number one in this discussion?

July 5, 2011  09:39 AM ET

The Hawks HAS to be a close 3rd, AT LEAST!

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July 5, 2011  09:46 AM ET

Bad teams come and go...

Donald Sterling however remains, consistently and without question, the absolute worst owner in pro sports.

July 5, 2011  09:46 AM ET

How on earth is Al Davis not number one in this discussion?

Three Super Bowl trophies.

Sterling hasn't sniffed the second round.

Look it up...

July 5, 2011  09:47 AM ET

Hey New Yorkers, I would'nt gloat if I were you, our owner Jimmy Boy (Dolan) ain't too far behind (extremely close 2nd). This guy (Dolan) needs a fucckkkkking hit put out on him. He is a disgrace to all of NY baby. So yeah Clippers fans, you can and should take solice in this dreadful reality for us New Yorkers. We ain't that far behind.

The only difference between Sterling and Dolan is that NY Brick fans continue to support them.

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July 5, 2011  10:18 AM ET

Give the team a break, Bro.

July 5, 2011  10:22 AM ET

jamie mccourt's getting $150 million in this divorce---does she need a good boy toy to pamper with all that money?

July 5, 2011  10:22 AM ET

Mike Brown is the worst hands down. Check his record since taking over as GM of the Bengals, then look @ his fleecing of the taxpayers!!


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