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UNC's Hairston puts on a show


08:15 AM ET 07.15 | P.J. Hairston may find himself fighting for minutes in 2011-12, but he's starting the fight early. North Carolina fans may have been alarmed at the sight of incoming freshman P.J. Hairston icing his wrist at the Greater N.C. Pro-Am. But they will be delighted to know how the injury occurred -- another high-flying one-handed dunk from the athletic shooting guard. "I bruised my wrist from dunking too hard," said Hairston, who thought he would be fine in a few days. "(I wanted to) give the crowd a show." ... While he was out there, Hairston said he wanted to work on his ballhandling. He knows he needs to make strides if he wants significant minutes for UNC, which returns its entire starting five.

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Roy Williams, Getty Images Roy Williams, Getty Images
July 15, 2011  08:32 AM ET

Woo hoo a high flying one handed dunk. Must have really impressed all the 8th graders out there.

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July 15, 2011  08:55 AM ET

So, who cares.

Good question. Not give a <hitter broke a long time ago.

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July 15, 2011  09:23 AM ET

Ha ha ha, hey DC, try duct tape, good for all occasions.

He's better off with it broken.

July 15, 2011  09:26 AM ET

He's better off with it broken.

+1...if you don't give a <hit there is no worry.

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July 15, 2011  09:31 AM ET

Whatever the kid does, he's still playing that hack Roy "aw shucks thank God I'm a country boy" Williams. I hate that peice of ****. I can't wait until the NCAA catches up with him. Him and Tressel can go play golf together.

WTF are you talking about moron? I think you got your UNC sports twisted. Coach Roy Williams may not be a saint he sure as heck isn't a rulebreaker. You must be a Longhorns fan and still have the scars from when Coach Williams was at KU. Get over it bro. Time has moved on. PJ will be a nice puzzle to UNC's 2011-12 season. I smell a title run cooking on the stove.

July 15, 2011  09:32 AM ET

Well NC has a history of high flying athletic 2 guards that made their way to the League... He looks like to be the next 1

Bro, you seem to be referring to Vince Carter and Jerry Stackhouse. I'm hoping PJ can find his niche in a crowded 2-guard slot. I think he may play some small forward behind Harrison "Dirty Harry" Barnes.

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July 15, 2011  11:15 AM ET

Most likely UNC will beat Duke once and Duke will return the favor. But you are correct that Kentucky and OSU are head and shoulders above UNC both in talent and coaching. The only thing the Tar Heels can hope for is that one of them (Kentucky or Ohio State) falter before they meet in a meaningful tournament matchup.

Don't believe your hype, UNC will be ranked preseason #1 for a reason. Talent coupled with championship level coaching will do in UK, dook twice. UK and OSU won't reach the Final 4 book it.

July 15, 2011  11:34 AM ET

Is this a CBB thread, or what?

July 15, 2011  11:36 AM ET

Oh... Yeah... Stage right...

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