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Standing between Curry and Miami? Forty pounds


08:07 AM ET 07.18 | Eddy Curry's wait issues may be tied to his weight issues. [Curry's] predicament is clear: If he loses at least 40 more pounds during the lockout, then the Heat likely will have renewed and genuine interest because Pat Riley remains highly intrigued by the 7-foot center. The question is whether he has the discipline to achieve that mighty challenge. Curry, 28, reportedly topped 350 pounds during his late March workout for the Heat. He lost a lot more weight -- in excess of 20 pounds -- between that point and late June, when he auditioned again for the Heat over several days. But he entered the lockout still at least 40 pounds overweight, according to a league official briefed on the situation.

The Miami Herald

Eddy Curry, Getty Images Eddy Curry, Getty Images
July 18, 2011  08:11 AM ET

LOL....So they lose one big oaf in Damp and gain a bigger oaf in Curry.....

Sounds like they are still in the same boat in the middle...Which is SUCK.....

July 18, 2011  08:35 AM ET

Standing between Curry and Miami? Forty pounds

And here I thought it was the China Buffet Table over at Main St. - All the sweet and sour you can eat...

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July 18, 2011  08:40 AM ET

The Interns are getting lazy, same story 2 days in a row.

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July 18, 2011  08:49 AM ET

Interns, are you INTENTIONALLY trying to piss ny fans off?The same article 2 days in a row? But with a different knick uni?come on nowPs...losing 20 pounds when you are 350 is not 'a lot' its getting weighed after taking a dump

Haha - He's only a couple ex-lax packages and an enema away from joining the Heat...

July 18, 2011  08:58 AM ET

Pat u are not thinking clearly here....You cant do this it would be a HUGE WEIGHT on your shoulders...

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July 18, 2011  09:15 AM ET

and the buffet line

July 18, 2011  09:34 AM ET

Come on Miami Heat. I hate your team, organization and pretty much everything you stand for, but I'd like to call a truce just long enough to caution you against this move. This guy is a load. A lazy fat turd. You're better than this. Please don't get involved with Curry or you'll regret it.

No true from me. Please make this move. If the huge contract was not enough to motivate this guy my poverty is but yet I have no faith that he can and will do it. Besides I'd love to see them add a 7' lazy no rebounding big to their lineup

July 18, 2011  09:34 AM ET


July 18, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Are you the "whale" on South Beach, Bro?

July 18, 2011  09:51 AM ET

Curry has had 3 years to get in shape. Why would anyone believe he can suddenly drop 40 pounds in the next 3 or 4 months? Fuggeduboutit it--send him a pizza.

July 18, 2011  10:08 AM ET

And why WOULD he wanna get in shape? He got paid while being totally out of shape.
I am sure some dimwit GM will offer him a contract just for the sake of occupying some space.

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July 18, 2011  10:30 AM ET

and occupy considerable space he does

Meatplow, what up, dawg?

Yer right, he DOES occupy a lot of space...that's the same reason you don't want him in the pool...him in the pool means everybody else isn't.

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July 18, 2011  11:54 AM ET

maybe he can throw some nipples on it... thus turning lemons into lemonade.


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