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Mr. Smith goes to Chicago?


08:03 AM ET 07.18 | Like most NFL GMs, Jerry Angelo will have his work cut out for him once the lockout lifts. The Bears aren't in the market for a quarterback such as Kevin Kolb or Donovan McNabb, but that doesn't mean they won't be looking to acquire players via trades or pick up players released by other teams. Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith wants to be traded to a contender and cleaned out his locker at Bank of America Stadium. He had the worst statistical season of his career while playing for the league's least-productive offense last season. At 32, his best years are probably behind him, but he fits [Mike Martz's] offense, and the Bears have firsthand knowledge of how big an impact he can make. If Smith can be added for a third- or fourth-round pick, Angelo shouldn't hesitate.

Chicago Sun-Times

Steve Smith, Getty Images Steve Smith, Getty Images
July 18, 2011  08:29 AM ET

The Bears should look for offensive line help first.

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July 18, 2011  08:47 AM ET

This would be a great move.

July 18, 2011  08:53 AM ET

I guess if enough threads on the matter appear, it will eventually happen. It's not like Carolina is going anywhere anyway.

July 18, 2011  08:55 AM ET

Morning all, I guess there is no news today.... again

July 18, 2011  09:00 AM ET

He does have his house up for sale in Charlotte....hmmmmm..

July 18, 2011  09:08 AM ET

He'll whip Jay Cutler's ****.

July 18, 2011  09:09 AM ET

They basically did with their draft. Adding this guy wouldn't be bad at all.

You think they will put rookies on the line? Cutler will be spending even more time on his rear this year.

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July 18, 2011  09:12 AM ET

Why bring in another short receiver? And exactly how good was the last Carolina WR the Bears had? Bears need O-Line help in a bad way. I can't see them spending future picks for a short WR that has been banged up A LOT and is on the wrong side of 30. If they are gonna get a cast off WR, go get Smith's former teamate Ocho, hell, why don't they make a run at Reggie Wayne, Indi may not be able to afford him once King Manning gets his new contract... Lol, just stirring the pot.

July 18, 2011  09:22 AM ET

The Bears need to move to more of a short-pass offense. The offensive line they've got, even with the draft picks, can't protect Cutler long enough for the deep routes to develop. At the same time, though, they need durable receivers because you typically get clobbered on the short stuff over the middle.

"My name is Suh. How do you do?"

July 18, 2011  09:32 AM ET

Yes, Carimi will be.

Bears did not draft this kid (and the Cowboys did not draft Smith) to sit on the bench in Week 1.

The lockout may have changed this a bit... but by the mid-point of the season these kids are going to be playing.

July 18, 2011  09:36 AM ET

They basically did with their draft. Adding this guy wouldn't be bad at all.

I wouldn't have a problem with it either. Smith could help stretch out the defensive backfields at ethe very least but everyone knows he won't be happy unless he's getting his touches.

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July 18, 2011  09:55 AM ET

If Smith leaves Cam Newton says he'll handcuff himself to the bench so he doesn't have to play.

July 18, 2011  09:56 AM ET

I think Smith would be ideal for Chicago, can they afford him?

July 18, 2011  10:00 AM ET

They basically did with their draft. Adding this guy wouldn't be bad at all.

One guy is not going to fix the worst offensive line in football. But they should still grab Smith, as long as he promises not to hit any of his new teammates.

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July 18, 2011  10:13 AM ET

so the panthers are now the one place that the bears go for most of their big name signings? first mush, than peppers, now smith? there are other teams out there jerry....


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