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Did Shaq cover up darker side?


09:25 AM ET 07.24 | It is so easy for an athlete to receive forgiveness for this sin, though. So easy. And without even having to actually erase or even conceal the arrogance, either. Giant Shaquille O'Neal has offered the blueprint, and Giant Brian Wilson is following it now. Just do things with a wink and a smile. Have you seen all the jerky stuff on Shaq's resume?

Miami Herald

Shaquille O'Neal, Icon SMI Shaquille O'Neal, Icon SMI
July 24, 2011  09:26 AM ET

May the Force be with you, Bro.

July 24, 2011  09:30 AM ET

Fans love the funnyman!

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July 24, 2011  09:52 AM ET

I may be in very small minority but I have never been a Shaq fan. I always thought the joking was hiding the emotions of a very mean man.

July 24, 2011  10:08 AM ET

What is the point here? What had Wilson done? What is the 'jerky stuff' on Shaq's resume? This leaves out a bit of info.

Did you bother to read the rest of the article or just the FN 'tease'? Assuming the latter. Being critical carries more weight when one is actually 'informed' on the issue.

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July 24, 2011  10:38 AM ET

Surely you are an alter name to hide your identity fool.What's your obsession with the heat?This is a thread about Shaq!Get a life and move on!A team that just made the finals sucks?Wonder what team you jumped ship on to feel the need to make such a statement.

The heat has just as much to do with this article as Kobe. What's your obsession with Kobe? And yea your team may have got to the finals, but your king choked at the top. Even wade has turned into a pompous **** ever since James arrived. Bosh is the one that earned the most respect and he still has to live in the shadows of an injury proned wade and a cowardly James. The heat may win a title but they have nothing to be proud of.

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July 24, 2011  11:25 AM ET

Its interesting what you say about bosh.....I don't think 'respect' is the right word though

Well the reasons I give him respect is because before the year, I called bosh out as the weak link and said the heat would never win a title unless he gives up something and focus on defense, his biggest weakness. Bosh is far from a perfect player but out of all the big 3 in Miami Jbg, he sacrificed the most and improved the most and got the least publicity for it. James reverted back to his old choke artist self, Wade can't help himself from getting injured, and Bosh is putting up great stats and not getting a chance to shine yet didn't cause any ruckus or mayhem. So yeah, out of all the big 3 Bosh is the one who actually earned my respect this year, especially since i was hardest on him before the year.

July 24, 2011  11:26 AM ET


typed it too fast and mispelled your name. my mistake JGB

July 24, 2011  11:31 AM ET

Who really knows (or cares) of he was mean or not......My issue with shaq is he was quite lazy with his work ethic and had he put the time and effort into training, he might have won 8-10 rings instead of 4

I was always a big shaq fan in the 90's instead of an MJ fan, and you are right bro. If shaq had a decent work ethic, he could have been the best center of all time. Let's look at games missed due to injuries, and free throws missed over his careers.... between missing games and FT's it's debatable that shaq left some 5,000 or so points on the court... give or take afew hundred either way. I think Shaq realized all too late in his career that the people like his old Orl coach, and Kobe, who wanted him to work hard year round, weren't so foolish after all. The time i stopped sticking up for shaq for being lazy was when he told the lakers "I get hurt on company time and I'll heal on company time" and didn't bother having his surgery until the season started. What a childish and immature move, but it shows the mentallity of Shaq. Shaq was and always will be a big kid and that's who he is and why he is forgiven for his mistakes so easily.

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July 24, 2011  11:37 AM ET

I'm glad he earned your respect, but bosh did not really improve anything. He was already a 20-10 guyHe did sacrifice being 'the man'...but he proved he was not able to be an elite big in the duncan mode and carry a team on his back. That he was a #2 type....which is fine.He has never been a top defender, still isn'tI'm not knocling bosh, I've always been a fan of his....Just saying that what he did as a #3 guy there is basically exactly what he did as a #1 in toronto (minus a few stats)....I think you UNDERrated him in the past

Truth is, your probably right JGB. I'm sure I undervalued Bosh in toronto despite seeing him play afew times. His numbers didn't drop as the 3rd wheel though is what makes it impressive. He isn't a great defender (never will be) but at least he was hustling hard on D and playing his **** off. I am not a heat fan at all but I do know that Bosh throughout the playoffs was the most consistant of the big 3. LBJ disappeared for the finals and Wade disappeared for the Bulls. Bosh was quietly just doing his thing all along. But you are right, perhaps part of is that I just undervalued bosh as a player before this year.

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