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Why nation's top QB recruit picked ... Indiana


08:18 AM ET 07.28 | Hope springs anew at Indiana. The nation's No. 1 ranked high school football quarterback committed to Indiana University on Wednesday. Pause. Yes, it's true. Indiana, a program with just 17 Big Ten Conference wins in the last decade, secured a commitment from Columbus East's Gunner Kiel, ranked across the board as the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the country by national scouting services. The commitment from Kiel is considered a major victory for first-year coach Kevin Wilson, whose track record of grooming quarterbacks at Oklahoma, including No. 1 overall draft pick Sam Bradford to the St. Louis Rams, played a role in Kiel's decision. "There's no question," said Kip Kiel, Gunner's father. "That was a huge part of it. Not just Bradford, but several quarterbacks. He's done a tremendous job developing quarterbacks. That goes back to his time at Northwestern and even before that."

Indianapolis Star

Kevin Wilson, Icon Sports Kevin Wilson, Icon Sports
July 28, 2011  08:28 AM ET

One thing is for sure. The boy will play. Welcome to the Big 10 Gunner.

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July 28, 2011  08:39 AM ET

He will get a lot more reps at Indiana then at OU or USC...

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July 28, 2011  08:58 AM ET

Don't expect to see him win too many awards or BCS Bowl Games.

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July 28, 2011  09:05 AM ET

Way to go Indiana. Thank you for keeping him away from Bama.

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July 28, 2011  09:12 AM ET

The Hoosier bagmen came out to compete. They figured it would be worth it for a couple of 8 win seasons.

In all seriousness, it is refreshing to see the scrub home school get a high end recruit. Hopefully Hoosierland will not place unreal expectations on this kid. Or will this be Damon Bailey all over again?

July 28, 2011  09:14 AM ET

I told you this a few weeks back when they had the article was rumored.. lol

No, it was me.

July 28, 2011  09:21 AM ET

Lol... I havent heard any news regarding him in a while.. but then again i know he wasnt coming to LUS.. I wud assume OU and Arky still the favorites

I hear Arky is out on DGB.....incoming QB next year is asst coach's kid and odds-on favorite to run CBP offense for several yrs. Staff is in love w/ him and his HS has been running Petrino's system for 3 yrs so he's ahead of the curve on the offense.

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July 28, 2011  09:24 AM ET

Just another example of the of the dirty, unethical, "minor-leage" B1G conference out-paying the Big 12 for a high end recruit......might as well join in, everyone else in that conference cheats

A***nus & Blue ****

July 28, 2011  09:24 AM ET

why cant he win any awards?????

the thought process is Indiana isn't going to win many games, and not many awards go to the best player on the worst team. Also, he may be a great QB, but if he doesn't have a line to block for him, or any recievers to throw to, or RB's to hand the ball off to, and a D that gives up a bunch of points, it will be tough to put up impressive numbers.


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