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Hendry: 'Things can still happen'


08:10 AM ET 08.01 | True to his word, Cubs GM Jim Hendry didn't make any significant moves at the deadline. As it turned out, there were no moves at all. The Cubs stood pat on Sunday, leaving Kosuke Fukudome as the only subtraction from the fifth-place team. "I wasn't expecting a high percentage of likelihood of something significant being done," Hendry said Sunday. "You do what you can. A lot of things can still happen. Last year we made two trades in August -- (Mike) Fontenot and (Derrek) Lee -- and got some respectable prospects back in that deal. I think the days are gone when it has to be done by the deadline. Everybody gets all (upset), 'If you didn't do something by 3 o'clock today, this is a disaster.' I don't put much stock into that."

Chicago Tribune

Mike Quade, Getty Images Mike Quade, Getty Images
August 1, 2011  08:49 AM ET

Translation..."I was hung over after a late night at the Ginger Man Saturday and forgot to return some calls. So what, the team would still suck."

August 1, 2011  08:54 AM ET

Fukudome was moved with money. Not good for the Cubs.

August 1, 2011  10:09 AM ET

When will the suffering end on the North Side??? Mornin' CSF2

August 1, 2011  10:10 AM ET

I am absolutely tired of hearing the name 'Jim Hendry' ... he needs to disappear, and take some of these lousy contracts with him :(

August 1, 2011  10:41 AM ET

This team is a joke ... like thats any different than the last 100 years.

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August 1, 2011  12:22 PM ET

I can still win the lottery tonite too !!

August 1, 2011  12:30 PM ET

When will the suffering end on the North Side??? Mornin' CSF2

hello there

August 1, 2011  12:34 PM ET

How in the hell can this guy keep his job?

the million dollar question

August 1, 2011  01:31 PM ET

when nobody wants your players....

August 1, 2011  01:46 PM ET

things will happen for better, only when the owner fire the GM and the manager QUADE, then things really could take the right direction!!

August 1, 2011  03:46 PM ET

Quade, get your arse to Mars!

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August 1, 2011  05:59 PM ET

Are the positive musings of Hendry concerning potential moves supposed to obscure the fact that this team has no guts or drive. Burdened with bad contracts and this team most certainly requires a facelift. Why exactly is Pena still in Chicago? Look at Lahair's (AAA) stats:

.330 115 Hits 26 Doubles 29 HR 79 RBI .407 OBP.653 SLG 1.060 OPS

August 1, 2011  06:28 PM ET

Maybe the Cubbies don't trust Hendry to make any more "deals".

August 1, 2011  07:32 PM ET

Maybe the Cubbies don't trust Hendry to make any more "deals".

OMG, it's so cute the way you say Cubbies, all of the time. I bet you're really preppy!!!

August 1, 2011  10:41 PM ET

thigs could get better but without those two monkees in the cubs franchise, and yeah things can change but in the year of the rat!!!

August 2, 2011  12:39 PM ET

Where the heck was Hendry born and raised? Seems to move very slow on everything.


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