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Stern sullying legacy this offseason


08:11 AM ET 08.03 | Is it the mission or the man that has David Stern characterized as changed? [Stern] was a formidable figure, capable of the light touch and the thoughtful remark and the iron fist, sometimes all at once. He cared about the game, beneath it all, along with the money. In a lot of ways, he built a league. In some ways, and in most years, David Stern was the best commissioner going. Now, the king seems old, all of a sudden; he seems hardened and grumpy, flat-eyed and mean. ... Perhaps he has simply hardened with age, after nearly three decades on the throne; perhaps he just has more ruthless friends, and has to act the part. But David Stern seems to be a man taking his legacy and setting it aflame, just now. It is a sorry sight to see.

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David Stern, Getty Images David Stern, Getty Images
August 3, 2011  08:30 AM ET

Stern might be a prick but he's playing hard ball on this lock out issue. As someone called it (and at the time I din't quite see it), the owners and the league have way more leverage than the NBPA. The players will have to give up "some".

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August 3, 2011  08:44 AM ET

No one truly knows the owner or player machinations behind the scenes but it's obvious that the great Wizard has been neutered the past couple of years....

Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain!!

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August 3, 2011  09:35 AM ET

There will be a season. Neither side can afford a lockout that long.

No guarantees of a season and I do sympathize with Stern. When you have a full fledged lawyer negotiating with players who don't understand the financial environment of the big money scheme they enjoy that's what happens. Why even waste his time? The Union needs to step aside and hire financial lawyers that can negotiate a fair deal for them. If they try to do it themselves like they are doing this thing won't go anywhere... The owners know what will make things right but the players aren't educated enough to handle the issue at hand...

August 3, 2011  09:36 AM ET

Your assumption that the owners are telling the truth about their loses has rendered your conclusion nonviable. Trust me when I tell you that the season is just as important to the owners as it is the players. As the great urban poet Flava Flav once put it "Don't believe the hype."

The owners will get theirs cause we've all seen the damage done to the game as it has been run by the convicts for too many years. The owners will do what is necessary and if players want to go to Europe the owners will let them go. The pampered NBA players are in for a rude awakening if they think playing elsewhere will be no different.

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August 3, 2011  09:53 AM ET

You are grossly underestimating the importance and leverage of the players. Nobody has ever paid to watch the owners and they never will.

Players come and go. You forget that it was businessman that brought the game to where it is. It would take a few years to replenish the talent but there's no place like home. And if playing elsewhere was so profitable, why do all of the great players in Europe come to play in the US? I know the value of the players but their head has become too large, like the rest of the unions in this country, and the NBA is going to do something about it.

August 3, 2011  09:53 AM ET

Take individual player salaries out.....If there is a, say, 60 mil hard capHow are the owners saving $?All the teams that are reportedly losing $ are under this figure (or pretty close)So why would they all of a sudden be making $?

because then they start to be able to keep more of the other revenues. If they get revenues from naming rights, concessions, parking, tickets, and advertising, if they have a $60 million cap, guess what, they now don't have to pull money from those other aspects to pay the salaries, which means their bottom line decreases, and they make more money

Both sides are playing hard ball, but the owners themselves I bet squirreled away quite a bit of money prior to the lockout, but the players, I doubt they did, just like the NFL players.

August 3, 2011  09:54 AM ET

You know the law: Two men enter, one man leaves.

Settle this in Thunderdome, Bro.

August 3, 2011  10:08 AM ET

I don't know what I think about this.

I'm waiting for developments to develop before I develop an opinion.


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