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Atlanta Spirit: Worst ownership ever?


08:07 AM ET 08.08 | Pardon Atlanta fans for being thrilled with whatever is behind Door No. 3. "I will be in complete control of the team," Alex Meruelo said. And really, does anything else matter right now? ... If the Atlanta Spirit wasn't the worst ownership in the history of professional sports, it at least is in the argument. No sports town wants to be in that argument. I don't know a thing about Alex Meruelo, other than what I Google and read. Pizza restaurants. Construction. A casino. A television station. Dandy. The guy could have made his fortune selling second-hand nuclear reactors and I'd be cool with it. Alex Meruelo suddenly emerging the top of Atlanta Hawks' food chain is like popping a few extra strength Tylenol, knowing the headache is bound to get better.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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August 8, 2011  08:52 AM ET

You gotta give that title to the Clippers. No management is that sorry.

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August 8, 2011  09:17 AM ET

Sterling of the Clips and Al Davis the Mr. Burns of the NFL.

August 8, 2011  09:40 AM ET

Are you in control here, Bro?

August 8, 2011  09:54 AM ET

What??? UGG's for $50???!!! This has got my name written all over it!

So go "facelift bar" and order those bad boys.

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August 8, 2011  10:43 AM ET

They aren't the worst, but they were surely in the primaries. I mean you take the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers- both with some strong promise. They both had the potential of being a success.

But in the case of the Thrashers, they would trade every player that the Thrasher fans wanted to see! I mean, these guys would be almost household names, but you didn't have the resources to keep them in Atlanta. I mean, it was systematic.

And then, when the fans couldn't find anyone to root for, they moved the team to Winnipeg. Wow.

Next comes the Hawks. First up, didn't they go to court regarding the Joe Johnson trade? I would have traded for him too, but it tore that group apart.

Then they get some form of success by hiring Mike Woodson as head coach. And every year, Woodson's record would get better. But after some plateaus in the playoffs, the ASG decided that there needs to be a coaching change, so they let Woodson go.

OK, fine! We're going to get a big-name coach to take us to the next level. The Atlanta fans were all up on sports radio talking about perhaps getting someone like Avery Johnson. Some Atlanta fans were arguing to hold out until we can attract Doc Rivers. I mean, we were in a frenzy talking about who should or shouldn't coach the team. There was talk that Woodson would get tuned out, or that they just needed a different voice in the locker room.

Cool! You what the ASG went out and got? You guessed it: The Same old voice that been in there for years in Mike Woodson's old assistant- Larry Drew!

But that's not all! When Joe Johnson's a good player. I like him, but he melts down during playoff games. And at the end of his contract, he was looking for a big payday. So when he basically told the fans that they no longer had to go to the games, we fans thought that he was out the door. Wrong! The ASG backed the Brinks truck up and gave him one of the largest contracts in the NBA.

OK, Joe Johnson makes more money than Dwight Howard. He makes more than Dwayne Wade. Joe Johnson makes more money than Lebron James. Seriously. Joe Johnson make so much money that the Hawks are ranked #6 for the highest team payrolls! (Yep, more than the Heat and the World-Champion Mavericks)

And once they did that, they had no more money, so they sold the Thrashers to a bunch of whalers in Winnipeg and they sold the Hawks to a guy slanging pizzas. Great job!

August 8, 2011  11:42 AM ET

No one is worse than Sterling...I mean Kahn and Zeke/Walsh are idiots but atleast they are trying to win...Sterling flat out could care less.

the almighty dollar is more important to sterling. but the clippers are just a farm system for the rest of the league

August 8, 2011  02:46 PM ET

Sterling is the worst in the nbaBrown is the worst in footballThose two are in a league of their own.

Sterlin might be dumb..but who the hell is taking on Joe Johnson's contract? The league needs to void that

August 8, 2011  03:12 PM ET

the almighty dollar is more important to sterling. but the clippers are just a farm system for the rest of the league

Sterling is a jerk but he knows how to make money. I don;t think the Clippers have lost money in quite a while.

August 8, 2011  06:07 PM ET

I am late to the party, but wholeheartedly agree Atlanta Spirit - Top 5 worst ownership EVER!!!!!!


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