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Blue Jays ready to rock the red?


08:13 AM ET 08.10 | From far and wide, the Blue Jays are setting their sights on appealing to the glowing hearts of Canadians. It's expected the Blue Jays uniforms will have a new look for the 2012 season, one that will reflect a Canadian theme more than ever. The team is playing coy as even a mention of a uniform change is hush-hush within the organization. But the change has been in the design phase for months and should be ready for unveiling by the beginning of next season. Jays players, who wore red caps during the Canada Day weekend series in Toronto, could have a more pronounced maple leaf and red and white colours on the uniform to capture characteristics of the Canadian flag.

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August 10, 2011  09:04 AM ET

And this is a story why?

August 10, 2011  09:08 AM ET

And this is a story why?

Canadian pride or something.

August 10, 2011  09:27 AM ET

Its Canada, they've got nothin better to do.

August 10, 2011  09:36 AM ET

Its Canada, they've got nothin better to do.

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This coming from a guy in Minnesota.

August 10, 2011  09:51 AM ET

There's lots to do in Minnesota eh ...

August 10, 2011  10:05 AM ET

Sweet, the Red Jays!

August 10, 2011  10:24 AM ET

Sweet, the Red Jays!

Was thinking the same thing. Guess the Blue Jays will only use blue as the accent color. Where is the **** eye for the straight guy entourage?

August 10, 2011  10:36 AM ET

God save the Queen !

August 10, 2011  10:37 AM ET

What a shame.

August 10, 2011  10:39 AM ET

What a shame.

Don't worry, the little red man you have for a logo is safe.

August 10, 2011  10:39 AM ET

Come on, you can't complain about a non-story like this: at least it's not recycled! But as a Jays fan, this makes me yawn.

August 10, 2011  10:40 AM ET

Gay pride or something.


August 10, 2011  10:49 AM ET

What took so long? NEXT!

August 10, 2011  10:58 AM ET

Not a Truth, not a rumor. Just a snippet from what was probably a fine story meant for Blue Jay fans. Slow news day. Altho a red uniform based around the maple leaf is probably more effective than their bland current uniform. And what's a Blue Jay got to do with anything?

August 10, 2011  11:07 AM ET

Blue Jays are blue. The could Change their name to the Card......uh...wait. Well they went with mostly black uniforms also even though black isnt one of their colors.

The Blue jays!!! in RED!!!! Stupid idiots.

August 10, 2011  11:17 AM ET

"But the change has been in the design phase for months..."

Exactly how long should it take to design a uniform? This isn't exactly rocket science.

August 10, 2011  11:17 AM ET

Just go back to the sweet uni's of the early 90's.
Most people at the games are wearing the retro-hat anyway

August 10, 2011  11:20 AM ET

it's all about the money....straight cash homey

August 10, 2011  12:26 PM ET

Rogers, the Canadian telecom glutton that bought the jays a few years ago, has a red brand and corporate colour. Their main competition is Bell Canada, whose corporate colours are blue. This is what it is about. Rogers, changed the name from 'skydome', and wanted to make all the seats red in the dome from blue. They're caps used to say "blue jays", now they just "jays". Rogers would change their name to the "Red Jays" if they could.

August 10, 2011  12:31 PM ET

What's next? The St. Louis Cardinals wearing blue? That would make about as much sense.


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