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Big 12 targeting Notre Dame, BYU?


09:13 AM ET 08.13 | Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said he thinks the Big 12 can survive with as few as nine teams but added that his staff has aggressively begun to research as many as 20 teams as possible replacements for A&M. The Big 12 school official said the league would consider Notre Dame, Brigham Young and Air Force. "Notre Dame needs to be in a conference at some point, and they might even be able to keep their TV deal with NBC," the source said. "I think BYU and Air Force would both jump at the chance."

Austin American-Statesman

Brian Kelly, Icon SMI Brian Kelly, Icon SMI
August 13, 2011  09:20 AM ET

Notre Dame isn't coming to a dying conference.

Time to start itemizing those parting gifts for Baylor and the wretched refuse - the dominoes are about to start falling.

August 13, 2011  09:21 AM ET

Won't get either. BYU left to join a conference with all religious institutes that doesn't have football or at least not near the level of BYU. ND won't join a conference falling apart if they would even join a conference.

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August 13, 2011  09:25 AM ET

Just think, though, if the Big XII got rid of aggie, and landed ND? Talk about trading up -- in an economic sense, not so much in a competitive one...

August 13, 2011  09:26 AM ET

Notre Dame isn't coming to a dying conference. Time to start itemizing those parting gifts for Baylor and the wretched refuse - the dominoes are about to start falling.

Totally agree. Sounds like A&M will announce joining the SEC Monday or long as the SEC follows through and invites them.

As an SEC fan, I'm disappointed. Financially, it's probably a pretty good deal, but there are better fish out there.

Also, are these conferences thinking about the logistics of scheduling with more than 12 teams? If it goes as far as 16 teams, you'll in reality have two 8 team conferences. These 2 conferences will have limited games against one another and they're winners will meet in a Championship game which will more than likely send only one of them to a BCS bowl which actually means less money. I don't think the conferences are really thinking this through or at least past the TV money.

August 13, 2011  09:29 AM ET

If they came it wouldn't be a dying conference. It would still be a BCS AQ conference which is appealing to them. You may be underestimating the willingness of the remaining 9 to keep the conf together. Not saying it will happen but they will put out all the stops. I will say it again, I don't think its a coincidence that Texas added BYU and ND to their schedules awhile back with the ND games being 2 on, 2 off, 2 on and conveniently timed to coincide with TV contracts expiring. OU also added both schools to their schedules. I do think this is happening faster that expected although it was expected.

interesting thought about UofT's scheduling.

as for the other 9, the SEC will want to add at least one more and whose out there other than Big XII teams? if they want TV money, Mizzou has to be attractive but i would imagine OU would top their list. maybe they'll go after TCU?

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August 13, 2011  09:37 AM ET

Absolutely although I think the plan was to do something like this and include the ags. But, for those thinking it can't happen you're kidding. Not saying it will but a school like ND would move to a $20 million annual payday (which is what the ags were to get) plus the chance to have their own network (giving them more $$), which they could do, and be in an AQ conference is more enticing then you might want to admit.Time will tell.

well, in 2010, ND was the 13th most profitable college football team and only OU and UofT from the Big XII ranked above them.

If there's a guarantee that OU and UofT were staying in the Big XII, then maybe ND would consider it. However, UofT is probably independent or Pac 16 bound where they'll get to keep their TV deal. Plus, ND isn't joining a conference anytime soon. especially after Kelly has them back in BCS bowls.

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August 13, 2011  09:40 AM ET

... You may be underestimating the willingness of the remaining 9 to keep the conf together....

Don't be fooled with that "other nine" stuff...

The next calls are made by Texas and Oklahoma. That is pure and simple.

Baylor, KSU, KU... of course they would be "willing" to keep the conference together. Where are they going to go if UT and OU (and the bedmates of OSU & TTU) depart?

That said... your scenario of ND is certainly plausable. And... I could also see them keeping it a 10 team conference if indeed ND decided to do it. No need for a Conference championship game... not with three lynchpins like ND, UT & OU.

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August 13, 2011  09:41 AM ET

I think its a more viable possibility then some would imagine. Most think ND wont join because they have turned down the B1G but truth is there are tensions with that conference that linger. ND has a great relationship with both Tx and OU. The basis for a new conference with ND, OU, Tx, and even BYU would be pretty stout. Odds are more against then with it happening although I think mainly because its happening faster than expected. I wouldn't be surprised to see something happen but for it to begin in 2015 when Tx is first scheduled to play ND. personally all this stuff is fun and exciting. I look forward to seeing how things play out.Oh and if the story is accurate, as much as the SEC would like OU to join, they really aren't interested. they would go P12 first.

i agree it's exciting but i'm weary of it all. super conferences will kill a lot of rivalries. as it stands now, SEC teams only rotate certain conference teams once every 4 years. if they expand, this will stretch that to 5 or 6 and probably 7 or 8 if they go to 16 teams. plus, they'll have to realign most likely which will also hurt some rivalries. the Iron Bowl being played 2 weeks in a row or even twice a year which would be possible is unacceptable (although it might be forced upon us!)

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August 13, 2011  09:43 AM ET

I think P16 is their second choice. Independent is way down the list.My concern is keeping together a conference that starts to look like the old SWC by adding a Houston, SMU, TCU. Not a good idea.


the pods is an interesting idea however didn't some one already try that?

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August 13, 2011  09:44 AM ET

BYU and ND will invite Baylor and other religious-based institutions to help them form the "Holier-Than-Thou" FB Conference.

they've already done that and they have their own network with millions of subscribers. their money is going to come from tv ad time. BYU is independent for the near and probably not so near future.

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August 13, 2011  09:47 AM ET

The Dallas Morning News reported last year that BYU and AF were interested.
Jerry Jones told reporters he'd like to see ARK and ND in the Big 12.
Billy Joe Jim Bob says Texas Tech is going to the Pac 12.
The homeless guy down the street says OU is going SEC.

The only story with legs was/is BYU and AF.


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