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Zambrano changed after big-money signing


08:12 AM ET 08.18 | Where did it all go wrong with Carlos Zambrano? So wrong that Zambrano spent more time getting called to the general manager's office for reamings in recent years than getting the most out of his enormous ability? The short answer is, of course, the money. He changed almost immediately after signing a five-year, $91.5 million extension in 2007 that, at the time, looked like a great deal for the team. A couple of months after the deal was worked out in principle but tabled because of the team sale announcement, Zambrano punched out catcher Michael Barrett in the clubhouse after the two had to be separated in the dugout. And barely two weeks after signing the deal later in the season, he ripped the fans at Wrigley Field for booing him before issuing a public apology.

Chicago Sun-Times

Carlos Zambrano, Icon Sports Carlos Zambrano, Icon Sports
August 18, 2011  08:18 AM ET

Seriously, that had NOTHING TO DO with his Anger issues. Guys a loser.

August 18, 2011  08:23 AM ET

Why is this in the NBA section?

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August 18, 2011  08:25 AM ET

I think it'll take them all morning to find out they put it in the NBA section!!

August 18, 2011  08:42 AM ET

exactly....and morning clem

Morning Clem & M3AT!

August 18, 2011  08:43 AM ET

I think it'll take them all morning to find out they put it in the NBA section!!

Nah...they actually figured it out quickly for them.

August 18, 2011  08:51 AM ET

Nah...they actually figured it out quickly for them.

It even had a picture of the right player.

It's a Christmas Miracle!

August 18, 2011  08:54 AM ET

It even had a picture of the right player.It's a Christmas Miracle!

Can I get an AMEN?

August 18, 2011  09:15 AM ET

Perhaps Zambrano just sucks at this point?

August 18, 2011  09:47 AM ET

No, he was an **** before the big contract as well.

August 18, 2011  10:13 AM ET

Perhaps he took in the chute from a coyote for years before hitting it big.

August 18, 2011  10:15 AM ET

He was just like a bunch of other athletes.... play hard before that big contract and when u get the BIG money you lose focus!

August 18, 2011  10:57 AM ET

If I didn't know any better, I'd say his anger issues are really 'roid-rage.

August 18, 2011  12:02 PM ET

my sense, and sense i get from seeing teammate comments, is that this guy is mildly to moderately mentally ill and deteriorating. not sure it's about the contract or anything else external. too bad because everyone seems to agree he's a good guy who just loses it periodically. even chipper jones says that he likes Z and doesn't take it personally. says that he could tell Z was about to lose it and wasn't surprised Z threw at him.

August 18, 2011  12:41 PM ET

Seriously, that had NOTHING TO DO with his Anger issues. Guys a loser.

the money blind this guy so bad that he even lose respect for the game, for the fans, and for himself, think money its everything in life? think you can buy your life with it? people should never fall in love with this type of things because of that they really believe that they are untouchable, but they are totally wrong!!

August 18, 2011  12:44 PM ET

the angels not only lose the games but they also lose themselves as a team, anybody could ask where its the angels team but nobody knows a thing about them!!

August 18, 2011  12:44 PM ET

next page!!

August 19, 2011  08:41 AM ET

As it happens with most latino players, (except for pujols) they think they rare better than the rest... Zambrano was never popular with his team due to his holier than thou behavior' trade him some fool will pay for him


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