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Haley angry with Harbaugh


08:31 AM ET 08.20 | Tonight wasn't a regular season game, so head coach John Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron kept trying to put points on the board and let their young players show their stuff. As a result, the Ravens called two late timeouts and scored two touchdowns in the final two minutes and eight seconds, resulting in a rather lopsided 31-13 final score. Apparently, this strategy angered Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, who felt the Ravens were deliberately running up the score. When Harbaugh and Haley approached each other at midfield after the game, Haley made it clear with his counterpart that he was less than thrilled with the Ravens' end-of-game strategy.


Todd Haley, Icon SMI Todd Haley, Icon SMI
August 20, 2011  08:32 AM ET

Shut it, Haley.

August 20, 2011  08:33 AM ET

Haley isn't making nice with anyone.

August 20, 2011  08:33 AM ET

Haley's pretty sensitive about this sort of thing...

Just wait until the next time he faces the Patriots.

August 20, 2011  08:33 AM ET

It's pre- season still, right?

August 20, 2011  08:34 AM ET

He has a history of getting mad when his team get STOMPED and BEATEN.

August 20, 2011  08:36 AM ET

Haley and his unwritten rules. It's getting tired already. First McDaniels and now John Harbaugh, he won't stop until he's had an on field confrontation with the entire corps of NFL head coach

August 20, 2011  08:36 AM ET

I like Haley and the job he's done with the Chiefs so far...but he needs to get over this. What do the Ravens find out about their borderline players if they go out and run off tackle or take a knee? These players are trying to make an NFL team...they need the opportunity to show what they can do even if it is against the Chiefs third stringers.

August 20, 2011  08:37 AM ET

Yeah, he got away with it with McDaniels because people liked him less but it's a reputation

August 20, 2011  08:40 AM ET

That's funny as hell.

August 20, 2011  08:46 AM ET

Dude isn't trying to make a statement in Pre-Season................PRE-SEASON, lol.

August 20, 2011  09:04 AM ET

If you don't like it, then have your defense do something about it.

August 20, 2011  09:23 AM ET

The Chefs,This morning I read they had a fight in the locker room and a rookie RB is out with a wrist injury, (let Herm worry about it)

August 20, 2011  09:33 AM ET

There's no crying in football.

August 20, 2011  09:43 AM ET

It's pre- season still, right?

It is... and so far the Chefs look like crap.

August 20, 2011  10:12 AM ET

It is... and so far the Chefs look like crap.

But angry crap.

August 20, 2011  10:23 AM ET

Haley seems like the kind of coach you would want, if not a little too much so.

But man, I would hate to be his kids.

(Easy killer, I'm sure you're a great dad.)

August 20, 2011  10:34 AM ET

I don't know what they're planning on doing in KC, but Baltimore's (and our) entire season can easily come down to what happens in our season opener.

Haley's just mad cause Siler got blown up.

August 20, 2011  10:36 AM ET

If you don't like it, then have your defense do something about it.

Right. Here Harbaugh hands him an opportunity to test a few guys in a game situation, and he complains about it? Why? Are you saying you didn't practice this and you weren't ready for it?

It's pre-season, man. Like Who's Line is it Anyway, the points don't count.

Go have a hot Toddy.

August 20, 2011  10:37 AM ET

There's no crying in football.

Ssshhhh. Don't tell Chad or Chad.

August 20, 2011  10:38 AM ET

Chiefs are not doing crap this year. anyone have a fork?


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