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Should D'Antoni be worried?


08:08 AM ET 08.29 | When Mike Woodson touches down in New York, he may do so as part of the Knicks longterm future. Woodson's credentials are unquestioned, but there is also no denying that his presence on the Knicks' bench is an ominous sign for [Mike D'Antoni], who is entering the final year of his contract. Besides Woodson's long-time working relationship with [Larry Brown], the former Knicks' first-round pick also has strong ties to Isiah Thomas and current Knicks GM Glen Grunwald dating back 30 years when they were teammates at Indiana University under Bob Knight. Additionally, D'Antoni was never in favor of altering his staff until he was ordered to do so in May, as initially reported by The News.

New York Daily News

Mike Woodson, Getty Images Mike Woodson, Getty Images
August 29, 2011  08:16 AM ET

Knick fans must poop themselves everytime Isiah is mentioned in the same paragraph as the Knicks.

August 29, 2011  08:44 AM ET

Just what the Knicks need...another face/name to add to the bus. Remind me again, who's driving?

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August 29, 2011  08:53 AM ET

Time to deliver the goods, Bro.

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August 29, 2011  09:19 AM ET

A coach whos philosophy will never get him a champoionship....He should always be worried

August 29, 2011  09:29 AM ET

I'd be worry if Isiah is over looking me!

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August 29, 2011  10:27 AM ET

Nah I can't see that happening. If we're firing to D'Antoni it means we're getting Phil Jackson. Why downgrade? It's like the Spurs firing Popovich to hire Patrick Ewing as coach. No owner will do that so forget about this woodson guy. No body like him. We just hired him for PR but I don't expect any value out of him. In other words Knicks defense will still be way below standard for years...

August 29, 2011  10:47 AM ET

As long as he's so cozy with Doley Boy........its unnerving.

I don't get that love fest. How much money did Isiah cost him in that sexual harassment settlement? It was like $15 million or so wasn't it? Not to mention that he left the franchise in a shambles.

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August 29, 2011  12:59 PM ET

I must encourage my fellow Knicks fans not to allow themselves to get caught up in the nay sayers hype, and put this thing into the perspective that it deserves. In one season we have gone from a hopeless situation to a hopeful one. We've come out of what appeared to be dense and endless darkness to a new sunrise. Just a month ago last year some of us were wishing for Mebron as if he were some saviour, to come and join Felton, Gallo, and David Lee, as if that combination would bring us a title. Over the past season we added Stoudemire and added Billups who even at his age is tons better than Felton will ever will be. Furthermore we've retained him for $4 mil, but can trade him for $14M worth of cap space, or keep him until the end of the season clearing just as much room. We landed Carmelo Anthony to play along side of Amare when so many others wanted him, and still more said we'd never get him. In the bargain we retained and acquired some good role guys that many never expected us to keep or get.While we loved David Lee for his tenacity, his loss has far from killed us, while keeping him for a salary he isn't worth would've put us behind the salary cap 8 ball once again.The point is while the Knicks have more work to do without a doubt, only a narrow minded NY/Knicks blind hater would say that the team hasn't eclipsed the position they were in just a season ago. Defense is certainly an issue, and perhaps a coaching change is required, and the team still needs to gel, which after a full training camp and games together they will. But the Knicks are by no means a laughing stock they once were and any opposing team who takes them lightly will most likely find themselves on the losing end.

Agreed. The Knicks are in a much better position than one year ago. They are no longer laughing stocks. Now then...there's still work to do. Amare or Melo alone are good/very good players but don't compliment well (IMO). Melo was supposed to come via FA, instead Knicks had to clear out all their young talent to get him. Billups is near the end and the Knicks aren't ready now.

And the biggest question (IMHO) who is making the decisions in NY?


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